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What is excessive sweating and how is it treated?

Actually, Sweating is a physiological condition. We all sweat and we expel a lot of toxins in the way. So sweating is normal and healthy. However, when sweating is so much that it disrupts living standards, it becomes what we call Excessive Sweating-Hyperhidrosis, which requires treatment. ,


The cause of 90% excessive sweating cannot be found. It’s a personal situation. Sympathetic system is seen more often in people who work a little too much, a little sensitive, sensitive and shy. With a frequency of 10%, Excessive Sweating may develop due to an underlying disease. Therefore, it is important to examine the underlying causes. We can list the most common diseases that cause excessive sweating as follows. Excessive sweating may develop due to many reasons such as overwork of the thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism), overwork of the sympathetic nervous system, diabetes, menopause, being overweight, some drugs used, tuberculosis, leukemia, HIV/AIDS disease.


Excessive Sweating is most commonly seen in the Hand-Foot and Armpits.

Excessive Sweating of the Hand

Foot Excessive Sweating

Underarm Excessive Sweating


Shaking hands and shaking hands with people becomes a problem when there is a complaint of Excessive Sweating on the hands. Many patients complain that they cannot write, that they try to write by putting tissues and napkins on paper during long exams, and that their work life is seriously affected.

Excessive Sweating in the Feet; patients more; They complain of difficulty in wearing shoes, slipping of the feet in slippers and shoes, and often bad foot odour. Excessive Sweating in the Feet; It prepares the ground for the development of fungal infection as it always makes the feet wet and humid. Fungal infections develop easily in both toes and toenails.

Excessive Underarm Sweating; Patients mostly complain of Bad Smell and the appearance of a bad wet stain on their clothes because they sweat as if water flows from this area. Most of my patients with excessive underarm sweating complain that I carry spare clothes with me, I sweat like water, and my clothes stay in the water especially at noon and I have to change.

One of the most disturbing issues for people who sweat is the smell of sweat. It is a situation that makes social life very difficult. It puts the person in a troubled mood in society. Besides this mental disorder; Excessive sweating creates grounds for the development of bacteria and fungal infections.


Botox is injected into the sweating area at 1 cm intervals. The excessive sweating area can be detected by performing the Iodine-Starch test beforehand. Botox reduces the sympathetic sensitivity that works harder than normal in this area and therefore causes excessive sweating, and excessive sweating stops. It is an extremely safe method and has no side effects. The average duration of effect of this botox treatment applied in the treatment of excessive sweating is 6-8 months. It occurs in patients who are effective for up to 1 year. This excessive sweating, which is a nightmare from time to time that puts the social life of the person into trouble, is treated very effectively with this botox application, which lasts for a very short time.


Goldneedle radiofrequency is a very effective and advanced laser technology that I use most frequently in my clinic. It is also a very effective treatment method in the treatment of Excessive Sweating. Since all patients are accustomed to botox application in the treatment of excessive sweating, they are just getting acquainted with this service offered by laser technology. However, although Botox is the most effective treatment we use most frequently in the treatment of excessive sweating, its effects are temporary. Excessive sweating treatment with Botox ends in 6 months and a maximum of 1 year, and the patient may begin to sweat again. However, the results of the treatment of excessive sweating with the Golden Needle radiofrequency laser are permanent. Goldneedle Radiofrequency is the invention of the century for me and it is a very effective laser treatment for patients who want a longer and permanent treatment in Excessive Sweating Treatment.