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What is dermoscopy method?

What is dermoscopy method?
Dermoscopy (superficial microscopic examination of the skin) is a dermatological examination method mainly used to diagnose dark spots on the skin. An experienced specialist can easily recognize melanomas with this method.

Dermascopy requires a high quality magnifying lens and a strong light system. With this method, the structure and texture of the skin can be enlarged and perceived more easily. There are many devices prepared for this purpose. It is also possible to take photographs of the examined regions with some instruments.

What are the advantages of this system?
Computer software combined with these devices allows archiving examination images, diagnosis and reporting by the specialist. Since the photos of the old moles of the patients can be archived, it can be checked whether there is any change in the moles during the follow-up period, and if there is a risky change, there is a chance to treat it early.