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What is chemical peeling, why is it done?

Chemical peeling is a process that renews and revitalizes the skin, following the processes of peeling and stimulating the skin with stain removing agents.

Which Substances Are Used for Peeling?

Alpha hydroxy acids.

Beta hydroxy acids.

Polyhydroxy acids.



Mixed peels (spot and enzyme peels)

How Does It Affect?

The peeling used in stain removal both peels the skin and functions by suppressing the formation of stains. It repairs the deterioration of collagen fibers over the years by directing the collagen to new collagen production.

In which cases is it done?


Acne and acne scars.

To rejuvenate the skin (to remove fine lines, to moisturize.

In the treatment of pore width.

Age spots (Hand and face)

What awaits the patient during and after peeling?

There may be a slight burning sensation during peeling, the following 2-3 days of peeling. by depthpeeling may occur.

What Should Be Considered After Peeling?

Sunscreen should be applied at least 3 times a day.

The shells should be left alone, not handled.

Treatment should be continued with appropriate follow-up creams according to the problem (spot cream, antiaging cream, acne cream).