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What is chemical peeling application?

Chemical peeling is the application of solutions such as TCA, Jesner Solution, Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid, Fruit Acids on the face or problematic areas of the body for Skin Rejuvenation, Acne Treatment, Treatment of Acne Scars, and Spot Treatment.

Depending on the degree and severity of the complaint; light, medium and deep-density chemical peeling solutions can be applied.


The effectiveness of chemical peeling applications is completely proportional to the knowledge and skills of the physician and the solution to be chosen accordingly. It is a very effective skin rejuvenation method. Acid solutions that can be easily applied to the entire area equally on the entire face; By creating a controlled burn trauma alarm under the skin, it activates all the repair mechanisms of the skin and provides a serious skin rejuvenation with the stimulation of collagen synthesis.

It makes the skin look much more homogeneous, compact and fresh.


Chemical Peeling is one of the most preferred treatment methods in the treatment of acne and acne scars. After cleaning the black and white comedones (spots) that cause acne, when chemical peeling is applied on it, this acne floor is cleaned very deeply and its recurrence is prevented. Chemical Peeling Method is a very effective acne-acne treatment method. It is also a very effective treatment option in the treatment of acne scars. It allows the patient to recover without drinking systemic drugs with serious side effects.


One of the most difficult and treatment-resistant conditions in dermatology is spot treatment. Chemical peeling is also a very successful method in spot treatment. Very effective results are obtained with spot lightening creams and sunscreens recommended by the physician.


Chemical peeling is an easy to apply and very effective Skin Rejuvenation Method that can be done in a short time. The most important feature that makes chemical peeling application superior to other methods is that it not only rejuvenates the skin, but also tightens the pores and homogenizes the color of the skin. If the Chemical Peeling Solution is to be applied to the entire face or whichever area, we can apply it to the entire area at the same time. In face applications, it can be applied to a wide area up to the chest V, including the neck. The fact that the procedure takes a very short time and we can treat many problems at the same time with a single operation makes the chemical peeling process superior to many skin rejuvenation processes. The fact that such an effective process is cheaper than other processes increases the attractiveness of the application.

The applied solution causes a false burn warning under the skin, activating the repair mechanism of the skin, leading to the synthesis of collagen from fibroblasts, helping the skin to tighten and increase its tone, preventing sagging of the skin and delaying the aging process.

By providing a restructuring on the upper surface of the skin, it enables us to achieve a younger, lively, dynamic and bright skin.