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What is carbon peeling? What are the benefits?

It is based on blasting the carbon previously fed to the skin by means of a Q-switched laser.

What does carbon peeling do?

-Pore tightening

-In the treatment of acne

-Reducing oiliness on the skin

-Roza disease treatment

-Stain repair

-Feather yellowing

Can carbon peeling be done in summer?

Carbon peeling is an extremely comfortable application. Since there will be no peeling or excessive redness after the procedure, it can be done easily in summer and winter. It is possible to return to social life immediately after the procedure.

How does carbon peeling show its benefits?

As a result of the heat that occurs during the procedure, tightening in collagen, reduction in acne microbes, acoustic effect as a result of the explosion of carbon, reflex shrinkage in the pores and sebaceous glands and therefore a decrease in lubrication are observed. Another good effect of the Q-switched laser is that the spots decrease and the skin tone becomes even, and the skin gets a healthier appearance.

How is the treatment planned?

It is done on average 6-8 sessions, 15 days or once a month. The dermatologist plans the treatment according to the problem of the patient’s skin.