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What is carbon peeling? In which areas is it applied?

The carbon peeling application applied to the face is used for stain removal, tightening the pores, removing wrinkles and sagging.


In the carbon peeling application, a black carbon solution is applied to the problem areas before the laser application. The carbon solution is left on the skin for 15 minutes. Thus, the carbon substance is absorbed through the skin. Excess carbon is cleaned from the skin before the procedure. Q switched ND YAG laser is applied. The entire face and carbon applied areas are lasered several times.


The carbon substance increases the effect of the laser under the skin. In this method, skin regeneration is provided by peeling, sound waves and heat effect.

Application time

Carbon peeling is done in 4-6 sessions at intervals of 1-3 weeks. After the procedure, there is a slight pinkness on the skin. Side effects, crusting or scar formation are not an observed method. It is a safe application. Sunscreen should be used during the procedures.