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What is Botox? How is it done?

What is Botox injection?

Botox is the most applied facial rejuvenation procedure all over the world today.

It is an easy, safe and simple application when performed by an experienced physician. The active substance used during the procedure is used as a drug in other areas of medicine. It is a substance obtained in a laboratory environment. It is not just a cosmetic substance used for antiaging purposes.

By injecting it into the muscle as a point, it loosens the mimic wrinkles and opens them.

In addition, it is used in the treatment of sweating temporarily in regional excessive sweating such as armpit and hand and foot sweating. More superficial injections are made in these areas.

Application Areas:

It is often done to open the wrinkles due to facial expressions on the forehead, between the eyebrows, and to prevent their deepening.

Its application to the face, lower part of the eyes depends on the experience of the physician.

It is important that the physician performing the procedure knows the muscles very well and makes the injections individually according to the muscle movements. With botox made in this way, it is aimed not to spoil the natural expression of the face..

How is it done?

Botox injection is a simple injection application that takes about 10 minutes.

Intramuscular injections are made at certain points that the physician will make in accordance with mimic movements.

Things to consider in Botox application:

If there is blood thinning medication, it should be stopped one week before.

It is better to come to the process with a clean face without make-up.

If eyelid surgery or eyebrow tattoo has been performed before, the physician should be told.

Botox is not applied to those who have neurological diseases, pregnant and lactating.

Prohibitions after Botox:

4-6 hours to lie down, lie down, bend over

taking a bath, washing the face

Massaging the face, especially the treated areas

make up

go to the gym

Turkish bath, pool, sauna

How does the effect begin?

The first effect starts after about 72 hours after botox is applied.

Until then, exercises such as frowning and wrinkling the forehead are recommended.

The full effect occurs after 2 weeks.

After 2 weeks, it is necessary to go to the doctor for control.

If an additional dose is needed, it is given after the 2nd week.

How long does the effect last?

Depending on the person’s muscle structure, using his muscles and having Botox before, it takes 4-6 months.

When the effect wears off, muscle movements begin again.

Re-injection can be done if desired.


It is especially beneficial in regional sweating under the arm.

After excluding any other underlying disease, the physician applies botox at the dose he deems appropriate.

As in wrinkle treatment, the drug is given superficially and frequently, not intramuscularly.

Sweating stops within 2-3 days. After about 6-8 months, if the drug is removed from the body and sweating starts again, the application can be repeated.

There is no harm in the body to stop sweating with the application.

There is no connection between the lymph nodes and the application area.