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What is Botox? How is it done?

Botulinum Toxin is a toxin obtained from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. It prevents the muscles from working by preventing the release of acetylcholine in the area called the neuromuscular junction. It is also used in the treatment of strabismus and migraine in non-dermatological areas. In cosmetic dermatology, it provides temporary improvement in the opening of lines as a result of using the injection method on the forehead and around the eyes, between the eyebrows and on the lines on the neck. It can also be applied to the hands, feet and armpits in the treatment of hyperhidrosis, which is called excessive sweating. It is also very successful in lifting and shaping the eyebrows. Following the application 2 . The effect starts on the 15th day and shows the net effect on the 15th day. Botox effects decrease from the 120th day, and the application can be repeated in the 6th month.

Touch-up corrections can be made within 15 days, but should not be repeated within 3 months to prevent antibody formation.

How Is Botox Made?

The process is simple and can be applied in an office setting. Botulinum toxin, which is in powder form in the vial, is diluted with physiological saline before the procedure. It is applied as an intramuscular injection to the desired areas with the help of fine-tipped injectors.

Although it does not require anesthesia, local anesthetic creams can be used in sensitive people. A 10-15 minute session is sufficient for the application. After the application, there is no change in the applied area and it is possible to return to normal daily activities immediately.

Before the application, blood thinners such as aspirin should not be used, and if used, they should be discontinued at least 3 days before.

Aminoglycoside group drugs should not be used.

Muscle disease should not be.

Complaints such as temporary redness and bruising at the needle sites can be seen after the injection.

After the application, one should not lie down for 4 hours, lean forward, and do not massage the injection sites.

Botox Application Areas

Elimination of vertical lines between the eyebrows that create an angry look

Elimination of forehead horizontal lines

Elimination of Crow’s feet lines

Elimination of Around the Mouth smoker lines

Removal of orange peel appearance on the chin

Removal of sweating on palms, soles and armpits

nose tip lift

Removal of the appearance of a rabbit in the nose

It is used effectively in the removal of gingival appearance when smiling.