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What is Botox, for what purposes is it used?

Getting old and having wrinkles is a natural process. The wrinkles we carry are perhaps the traces of every experience and many experiences. But unfortunately, today’s living conditions cause our wrinkles to be earlier and deeper. working hours, unconsciously used cosmetic products are just a few of them. In addition, the prolongation of people’s life expectancy and the increasing importance given to their appearance, the subject of slowing and delaying the aging period has started to attract attention. Psychological problems caused by the deterioration of the skin’s appearance affect the social relations, work, image and health of the person. The skin is the most basic organ where changes due to aging are visible. The face and neck are the areas where skin aging is most evident.

But will humans stop? It definitely brings new solutions to new problems. In recent years, new solutions have been developed against wrinkles. Botox applications are the most reliable and frequently applied.

Botox; Clostridium is a toxin secreted by Botulinium. It is used for aesthetic purposes, especially to remove wrinkles in the face and neck region. Applications are applied to the muscles that cause wrinkles with various stimuli (such as mimic movements). As a result of the application, wrinkles are eliminated. In addition, as the muscles cannot be used as a result of repeated applications, the formation of early wrinkles and the formation of permanent wrinkles are prevented. The effect starts in 5-7 days and reaches the maximum in 2 weeks. Its effectiveness lasts for 3-6 months. It gets longer after each application.

Botox toxin is used effectively in the treatment of excessive sweating besides wrinkle treatment. It is more effective and safe than many methods in armpit sweating, hand and foot sweating. The effect starts in 3-7 days in armpit botox applications and reaches a maximum in 2-4 weeks. It lasts 6-8 months. In hand and foot Botox applications, the effect starts in 10-15 days and reaches the maximum in 4-8 weeks. Its effectiveness lasts for 3-9 months.

Botox is used safely in the treatment of many neurological, orthopedic, gastroenterological and ophthalmological diseases, as well as for aesthetic purposes and sweating treatment.

Botox applications are a very reliable, easy-to-apply and highly effective method when performed by specialists at the appropriate dose and indication.