What is aging? Is there any treatment?

What is aging? How can we age healthy?

Skin aging occurs with natural causes and external factors. Natural causes of aging; It occurs due to aging, chemicals that occur as a result of cell metabolism, hormonal changes and stress.

Aging with external factors; It happens due to air pollution, ozone layer depletion, chronic sun exposure, sunburns, various chemicals accumulating in the body, toxic substances, and ready-to-eat foods.

Aging is, in a way, maturation.

healthy aging; right skin care, regular and healthy diet, alkaline diet, regular exercise, good mental health.

signs of aging; It can be classified as mild (in individuals aged 22-30, moderate (30-40 years), advanced (40-50 years) and severe (60-75 years).

What can be done against signs of aging? This process can be delayed with personalized controlled approaches! Having a natural and proportional appearance is as important as looking beautiful, young and healthy.

Medical methods that can be applied in the treatment:


Skin rejuvenation with laser: Fractional CO2 laser

Radiofrequency – With or without a gold needle

High Intensity Focused ultrasound (HIFU)

Autologous fat and filler injections

Platelet-rich Plasma injections (PRP)

botulinum injection

thread face lift

chemical peel

Each treatment should be planned individually according to the person’s health status, age and medications.

Dr. Emine Sumeyye Unal