What does lip filler mean?

Lips are the most important part of facial beauty. Full lips have been the symbol of beauty and aesthetics throughout history. Having full and beautiful lips complements one’s facial beauty and gives the person youth and attractiveness. The number of people who want to have lip fillers for attractive lips is increasing rapidly. While some people have structurally thin lips, sometimes with aging, there may be thinning due to loss of volume in the lips and a decrease in the prominence of the lip edges. In addition, with aging, the weakening of the bone tissue supporting the lip and tooth loss impair the appearance of the lips.

With lip augmentation, it is now much easier to plump thin lips and to have attractive lips by challenging the years. Filling applications are the most effective method both to give a fuller appearance to structurally thin lips and to restore their old volume to lips that have thinned with aging. The techniques used in lip fillings have developed over time, and accordingly, it is possible to make filling applications that look more natural and fuller. Since the lips are very sensitive, the procedures performed on this area can be painful. Applying an anesthetic cream before filling the lips ensures that the procedure is comfortable. Waiting for anesthetic creams for 15-20 minutes provides the necessary anesthesia. In addition, the presence of anesthetic substances in the new generation fillers helps to make the procedure painless. After the lips are completely numb, they are cleaned with an antiseptic solution and the filler is injected into the lips with very fine-tipped needles. The application is completed in an average of 20-25 minutes. It is a fast and easy application. You can return to your social life immediately after the procedure.