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What are the most common skin problems in men?

Harmful chemicals and infections, sun exposure, shaving, excessive sweating and stress are factors that increase skin problems in men.


Stress, cortisone use can cause acne and similar complaints. Washing your face excessively can also lead to an increase in acne. You need to choose a good face wash gel or soap for yourself. If you have a lot of acne, consult your dermatologist.

Burning after shaving

After shaving, many complaints appear in men, from a burning sensation to redness and rash. Shaving technique does not affect this situation. Those who have such complaints should pay attention to;

Wash your face thoroughly with warm water after shaving.

Make sure to use a clean and new razor.

Use shaving gel, cream or foam while shaving.

Shave with soft, short strokes.

Although you should consider post-shave burning and redness, if there is, after-shave lotions with vitamin E or creams containing mild cortisone will relieve your skin.

athlete’s foot

Fungus contamination is common in outdoor environments, such as public showers, dressing rooms and gymnasiums. An infection that starts in the big toe quickly spreads to the nail and other parts of the foot. Keeping the feet clean and dry is important in preventing contamination. Many of these are treatable, you should consult your doctor before it spreads any further.

Under-eye bruises

Many men do not care about facial problems and under-eye problems. Dark circles around the eyes may be structural. Some are caused by insomnia, fatigue and poor quality nutrition. Drinking plenty of water, eating rich in vegetables and fruits, doing sports, relaxing activities and a quality sleep pattern help prevent dark circles under the eyes.

Excessive sweating and fungal infections

Redness, itching and fungal infection may occur in fold areas such as the groin and armpits, especially in those who sweat excessively. It is a treatable condition for many people. To prevent it, daily showers should be taken and the fold areas should be kept dry. In addition, they should change their underwear daily and make sure that the underwear used is comfortable and clean.