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What are spot treatments?

The spots that disturb us aesthetically are usually on the face and are darker than the skin. It settles on cheeks, nose, upper lip and forehead. These; sunspots, age spots, scars and acne scars, pregnancy spots, melasma spots.

So how can it be treated?

Blemish Cream Treatment

Using cream and sunscreen cream that suppresses the activity of color-forming cells in the stain is the basis of the treatment. Sunscreen (light) protection should be used at least 3 times a day, and a stain removal product should be used at night.


Fruit acid peels.

Enzyme peels.

Spot peeling.

Skin type and patient compliance are very important in peeling. Undesirable effects may occur if conscious application is not made. Deep peeling should be avoided on dark skin; otherwise, increased staining may be caused.


After the blood taken from the patient undergoes a special process, growth factors are obtained. These growth factors are injected into the patient’s skin, especially in areas where it is needed. The skin regeneration process begins. The regenerated cells produce a healthier and more beautiful skin. A total of 3-4 sessions are recommended once a month.


It is the process of injecting special stain remover substances under the skin with the help of a needle. It is recommended to perform an average of 4 sessions in total, once in 15 days.

Laser Treatments

Q Switched (1064) Laser The color of the stained areas becomes lighter and reaches the normal skin color. A total of 4-8 sessions can be performed once in 15 days.