What are sexually transmitted diseases? How can we be protected

As in the whole world, sexually transmitted diseases are seen at a very fast increasing rate in our country.

The decrease in the age of onset of sexual intercourse and the increase in polygamy have increased the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases. AIDS, Hepatitis B and C infections, which are the most common types of these diseases, can be prevented to a large extent by using condoms.

However, HPV, molloscum contagiosum and HSV2 are sexually transmitted skin diseases.

In these diseases, skin contact is sufficient for transmission. In other words, condoms cannot protect us from sexually transmitted skin diseases.


Female genital warts are much more dangerous than male genital warts. Because it can lead to the development of Cervix cancer – Cervical cancer in women in the following years. For this reason, HPV vaccination at an early age is very important.

If male genital warts are not treated, they can lead to the development of Busckhe Lowenstein tumor.

HPV infections should be treated early. Immunotherapy is very useful in treatment. Keeping the patient’s immune system high is very important in HPV treatment.


1-Electrocauterization method: The most frequently used method in the treatment of genital warts is the process of burning the warts with the electrocautery method. It is one of the most effective and one of the most effective methods that I prefer.

2-Cryotherapy method – freezing method with liquid liquid nitrogen: Cryotherapy method in the treatment of genital warts is more painless and a much more comfortable method, especially for children and the elderly, as it does not require local anesthesia.

3-Treatment of genital warts with topical creams: We get successful results from time to time, especially with creams containing imiqumod.

4-Treatment of Genital Warts with Systemic Synthetic Vitamin A: It is especially used in the treatment of patients who are very common and have become almost impossible to treat with the procedure.


Genital area HSV-2 infection is a highly contagious and difficult to treat STD. Systemic antiviral treatments and immunotherapy are very effective in treatment. Patients should usually be treated together with their spouses.


One of the most common STDs is Molloscum Contagiosum infection. It is a very contagious genital viral infection that spreads quite rapidly. It is important in this respect that the treatment is done as soon as possible.

Extirpation method, laser, cauterization method or cryotherapy methods are used in the treatment of Molloscum Contagiosum Infection in the Genital Area. It is very important to increase the immune system in the treatment of patients with Molluscum contagiosum in the genital area.


Unsafe sex life, Being polygamous leads to Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

HPV virus, which is transmitted by oral sex, is in the first place among the causes of cancer in the oral and throat mucosa and cervix.

Although condoms protect against many important sexually transmitted diseases; It does not protect against viral diseases such as HPV, HSV, Molloscum Contagiosum transmitted through contact.

At this point, safe sex life; Being monogamous is a very abandoned way to protect us from sexually transmitted diseases.

It is necessary not to choose a random partner, not to change partners too often, and to be careful while having sex. Because, apart from the sexually transmitted diseases seen on the skin, many diseases such as AIDS, Hepatitis, Syphilis, which threaten life, can also be transmitted sexually.