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Vitiligo disease and treatment

Vitiligo is a disease that manifests itself in the form of a pale, white patch on the skin caused by damage to the cells that give color to the skin.


Although the exact cause of vitiligo is unknown, it can be listed as follows

Genetic predisposition (30% family history).


The battle of self-coloring cells.

It is often seen in childhood and adulthood. Men and women are equally affected.

Where Are The Most Popular Areas?

Vitiligo mostly affects the traumatized areas.

Eye circles.

Lips and surrounding areas.


Genital area.

Knee elbow.

Feet and hands.


Associated Diseases

Goiter diseases (hypo and hyperthyroidism).


Anemia (pernicious anemia).

Some rheumatic patients.

Hair regrowth (alopesia areata).

Inflammatory bowel diseases (such as Crohn’s).

What is done in the treatment of vitiligo?

Sunscreen (they are quite vulnerable to sun damage) must be used.

Pigment enhancing creams.

Local corticosteroids.

Creams containing tacroshimus, pimecrolimus.


Narrowband UVB.



Stem cell therapy.