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Vitamin E is the friend of sexual life

Reproduction and continuation of the species is the most important goal of all living things. Bodies and souls orbit a great sexual attraction for self-actualization. Health and youth are also closely related to a satisfying sex life. Sex is not possible without health. On the other hand, sexual satisfaction improves our health and keeps us young…

Sex really rejuvenates you. If we explain physically; It raises the whole body rhythm. It causes the heart to beat faster and stronger. Thus, it increases cardiovascular activity. Of course, it works the muscles, accelerates the blood circulation and raises the hormones.

As for the spiritual aspect, which I think is even more important;

Dissipates stress
it drains the brain,
Increases confidence and commitment to life,
Relieves the feeling of loneliness and fear of death.

Giving up on sex is not something to be accepted easily, and this is where anti-aging research comes into play. The medical world is looking for a solution to every problem in order to improve sexual performance and pushes the possibilities to the fullest. Hormones, hormone treatments and foods that are safer than them are being researched one by one. There has always been a search for aphrodisiacs in every region of the world and in every period such as mesir pastes, cezeryes and potency syrups.

Today I will talk about Vitamin E in particular. It is not known whether this vitamin is an aphrodisiac, but it is an extremely powerful antioxidant. Especially when taken together with Vitamin C and Selenium, its effect increases many times. What does this mean, the antioxidant effect is, in a way, the purification of our entire body system from rust and mold! This means that the springs of life can flow unhindered. All antioxidants increase our quality of life, but the relationship between sexuality and vitamin E is different.

▪ Most of Vitamin E is alpha d-tocopherol. The Latin word tocopherol means reproductive ability.

▪ As early as 1920, vitamin E was used to increase the fertility of livestock. When the vitamin E added to the feeds was deficient, it was seen that the reproduction decreased.

▪ Vitamin E keeps the vein surface clean. Thus, it improves and increases blood circulation. This effect facilitates sexual activity.

▪ Vitamin E prevents vaginal dryness and strengthens libido in women.

▪ Vitamin E is chemically related to the production chain of sex hormones and growth hormone.

▪ Problems experienced before menstruation and after menopause can be alleviated with vitamin E.

▪ When vitamin E is used regularly, prostate cancers can be prevented by 32%.

▪ When EA vitamins and Zinc come together, they increase the level of sex hormones and improve the functions of the reproductive glands.

Vitamin E is indeed a very effective antioxidant. It improves the immune system, helps cell regeneration, prevents cartilage deficiency, delays the aging process and also contributes to the healing of wounds. It has been known for a long time that this vitamin beautifies the skin and reduces fine lines. Vitamin E also corrects night vision problems.

I cannot help but point out that vitamin E has a tendency to thin the blood, just like aspirin and comadine. For this reason, you should consult your doctor about taking it before surgery. Also, if you are taking medication to lower cholesterol, it would be useful to ask your doctor’s opinion before taking vitamin E. This is because Vitamin E reduces the effect of statins found in many cholesterol medications.