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Vitality must come from within the skin

As I have written many times before, the natural tension and vitality of the skin depends on the collagen tissue and elastin fibers. Renewing and smoothing the skin is only possible by repairing the worn collagen and elastin fibers. What is this collagen and elastin that we have been talking about so much, today I want to tell you a little more in detail.

Collagen fibers give the skin its strength and fullness. These fibers, in layers or waves, are like a thick web layer that is wound together. As people age, the amount of collagen in the skin decreases. Therefore, the skin appears as if it is empty.

Elastin provides skin elasticity. For example, during pregnancy, these are the fibers that allow the skin to stretch and then return to its original state. Stretching the elastin fibers unfolds the collagen fibers, stretching them as well. As the elastin fibers relax, the collagen fibers contract and their structure is deformed.

Over time, the collagen fibers deteriorate, harden, and irregularly turn into tangled knots. Meanwhile, elastin fibers lose their flexibility and become stiff. As a result of all this, the fullness of the skin is lost, its upper layer becomes thinner, it almost sticks to the bones. Our skin, which is emptied and unsupported, begins to sag under the influence of gravity. Our skin, which succumbs to time, turns into a wrinkled, dry, hardened, sagging matte state.

The biggest reasons for this destruction are; I should briefly mention that the sun, the effect of free radicals, water and oil loss on the skin.

How do we bring this kind of skin back to life? This is the most important issue. The sooner we start, the better. However, we must take into account that all of these are formed slowly and insidiously over time and cannot be fixed in an instant. We may need some time, perseverance, and lots of different practices to freshen up. Of course, this all depends on the amount of damage.

Get antioxidant:
First of all, we should pay attention to drinking plenty of water and taking antioxidants that will support us in the fight against free radicals. The most essential antioxidants for the skin are Vitamins ABCE, Lecithin, Omega 3, zinc, selenium, copper and glucosamine sulfate. We can meet the needs of our body by taking them with food and in the form of tablets.

It is very useful to have vitamins A and C in the creams we use. Until a short time ago, it was thought that externally applied vitamins to the skin were of no benefit. Recently, this view has changed. Vitamin C protects the collagen in the skin. Vitamin A creams support the formation of collagen.

Today, when medicine and aesthetics work together, many methods are applied to restore the worn skin to a fresh, lively and youthful appearance.

Deep in the skin:
One of the most effective applications used today to increase the collagen tissue in the skin is the method known as photo rejuvenation or Photo IPL, which I often recommend to you. The intense light used in this treatment directly targets the lower layers of the skin and the collagen layer begins to multiply.

Top layer of skin:
After providing fullness in the inner part of the skin, it is time to deal with the dead, matte appearance on the upper layer of the skin. It may be necessary to use different methods for this. Peeling is done with glycolic acids to purify the dead skin on the upper layer of the skin and smooth its surface. The best time for peeling is in autumn and winter months when the sun exposure is less.

Another peeling method that can be used in skin rejuvenation is micro dermabrasion. In this application, the dead skin layer of the skin is gently peeled off with a special tool. A pink, fresh and renewed skin emerges from underneath.

After our skin has recovered as much as possible, if there are still deep lines; Botox injection can be applied to the lines called crow’s feet around the eyes, the horizontal lines on the forehead and the vertical lines between the eyebrows. Collapses or deep wrinkles around the mouth, chin and cheeks can be corrected with various fillers.

I wish you all happy and healthy days with fresh and glowing skin.