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Use of botulinum toxin (botox) in dermatology:

Botulinum toxin is used in dermatology for wrinkles, excessive sweating, some forms of psoriasis, rash and eczema, painful dermatological diseases and muscle thinning.

The most commonly used area is upper facial wrinkles in dermatology, and it is one of the miraculous methods of looking beautiful, such as effective beautification up to 6 months, disappearance of wrinkles and making the face appear brighter after this loss, and lifting the eyebrows. Because while the effects of products such as laser, chemical peeling, radiofrequency and beauty creams appear in a long time, botulinum toxin initiates this effect in a few days and continues for 6 months.

It is very important to make botulinum toxin in good hands and to do it in an effective dose. Advertisements in the press stating that some beauty centers make botulinum toxin very cheaply are frequently encountered.

The way to do this is to dilute botulinum toxin for only 1 patient, while diluting enough for 3 patients, which causes the patients to come to the doctor after 2 months as the effect wears off. In addition, complications such as eyebrow asymmetry and eyelid dysfunction may occur in inexperienced hands.

Apart from wrinkles, this effect of botulinum toxin, which has a miracle effect especially in armpit sweating, can last up to 6 months. In rare other dermatological indications, a dermatologist must be evaluated. In the next article, dermatological solutions for wrinkles other than botulinum toxin will be discussed.