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Underarm sweat!!

Underarm sweat isn’t just irritating, it’s also sometimes embarrassing.

Non-Surgical Laser Sweating Treatment / miraDry Method

Underarm sweating and armpit odor? With a single application, you can get rid of underarm sweat and the smell of sweat for life. It does not include surgical procedures such as surgical incisions. The miraDry system, which was developed by Miramar laboratories and whose effectiveness was approved by the FDA after clinical tests in 2011, has started to be used in our polyclinic for the first time in Turkey.

Sweat from the underarm area is not only uncomfortable but sometimes embarrassing. Excessive armpit sweating is seen in 1 person out of every 5 adults. Underarm sweating brings with it armpit odor. Underarm sweat and armpit odor affect women in social situations and men in business life. According to the information obtained from the questionnaires, armpit sweat affects the business and social lives of people negatively.

In 2012, 12-month data of clinical studies applied by the USA with the miraDry system were published. It was stated that with a single session application of these published data, the problem of sweating under the arm was eliminated by 82%, and the patient satisfaction rate was 90%.

In an article made with the miraDry application and published in the Journal of Cosmetic Laser and Therapy in 2013, in the evaluation made after 7 months in patients with underarm sweating and armpit odor, 83.3% of the sweating problem and 93.8% of the underarm sweat odor problem were absent with one session of application. has been shown.

Treatment methods to prevent armpit odor and underarm sweating are applications with limited and temporary effects. miraDry is the most important sweating treatment that can be applied in the clinical setting and has a high success rate.

miraDry; It is a clinically proven, FDA-approved permanent underarm sweating treatment and a valid treatment solution for underarm odor. The procedure is performed under regional anesthesia in a clinical setting. It does not include surgical procedures such as surgical incisions. The working principle of miraDry is to transmit electromagnetic energy to the underarm area in a sensitive and controlled manner and to destroy the underarm sweat glands.

miraDry is the only FDA-approved technology that permanently eliminates sweat odor and underarm sweat non-invasively. While other treatments such as antiperspirants and toxins temporarily disable the sweat glands, repeated treatments are required to increase effectiveness. Surgical methods, on the other hand, pose a great risk.