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Under eye mesotherapy

Under Eye Mesotherapy for Eye Contour Problems

The need for rejuvenation around the eyes is an issue that should be considered from the age of 20. My beautiful patients, you can start by using an eye cream. So how can we help you?

What are Eye Contour Problems?

Ring formations.

Darkening (dark image around the eyes.)

wrinkling, streaking

Edema of the eyelids.

Problems such as bagging.

Why Do Eye Contour Problems Occur?

Wrinkles, bruises, bags, lines and dark images occur around the eyes due to various reasons. These causes are both hereditary and acquired.

The skin color of the person and the color of the eye area may be dark structurally. The skin in this area is thin and there may be a structurally baggy appearance and bruises in sensitive skin.

In addition, the skin around the eyes is sensitive. It is easily deformed and quickly affected by many devastating side effects. the destructive,

Looking at the computer for a long time.

Tobacco and alcohol consumption.

Tiring the eyes too much, rubbing.

Not using glasses despite having an eye disorder.

Doing intense eye make-up and using the make-up for a long time without removing it on a daily basis, or even applying eye make-up on the same make-up.

Problems around the eyes are experienced due to numerous effects such as using poor quality cosmetics and care products.

What do we do for under-eye complaints?

-Mesotherapies (material containing vitamins, hyaluronic acid that revitalizes the skin)

-Salmon DNA



We can help our patients with Golden Needle (Needle Radiofrequency) applications.

Eye mesotherapy products have refreshing content. It is the application of a mesotherapy drug, which is a cocktail of some plants, antioxidants and vitamins suitable for this treatment, to the eye area. With the positive reaction of these materials alone and with each other, the problems complained about around the eyes are resolved.

This is an application that can be performed at least 6-8 sessions per year. The under eye skin is a very sensitive area. Just like the diet of a weak person, it is necessary to feed little by little and often.

Mesotherapy applications are very comfortable. After local anesthesia, the under-eye becomes numb quickly, the procedure is performed comfortably with special mesotherapy needles with very small, thin ends. It takes about 10 minutes.

What Happens After Treatment?

After this treatment, slight redness and punctate edema may occur around the eyes. These side effects subside within 24 hours and disappear slowly, and the patient easily returns to his social life.

After the treatment sessions, it is important to protect from the sun and not to put on eye make-up for 1 day, not to rub the application area and not to wash it with hot water. In addition, positive effects are observed even in the first session.

Thanks to this application, you will experience a decrease in your lines and a reduction in bruises. You will have a more lively and rested gaze.