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Under-eye bruises

Bruising under the eyes causes a tired and sleepless appearance. Before treating bruises under the eyes, it is necessary to determine the cause of these bruises.

Darkness that develops due to the excess of genetically present pigment cells under the eye,

Darkness that develops due to the decrease of elastic and collagen fibers under the eyes and circulatory disorder,

Unbalanced one-way diet, insomnia, stress, allergic diseases, excessive sunbathing.

Treatment also differs depending on the cause. Major treatments;

Chemical peels around the eyes

Under-eye light filler – Redensty 2


Laser applications → Fractional Laser, Er-bium yag fractional laser, CO2 fractional laser, pulse dye laser, Q switched Nd yag laser.

Eye creams containing vitamin K, E, C, retinol-glycolic acid, peptide.