Ultherapy (hifu)

Dear readers, this week I would like to talk to you about Ultherapy, a skin tightening method. Ultherapy treats mild to moderate sagging problems around the eyes, around the mouth, jawline, neck and décolleté with a medical device (Ulthera) that uses high-intensity focused ultrasound energy.

The human skin is firmly attached to the connective-muscle tissue system (SMAS) just below it with suspensory ligaments. Factors such as weight gain, weight loss, gravity, hereditary factors, sun damage, cigarette consumption cause sagging of the skin in varying degrees over the years. In advanced cases, surgical treatment is the most effective treatment method. Ultherapy can be applied in mild and moderate sagging problems, in people who do not want surgery, to maintain post-surgical results and to maintain skin elasticity between the ages of 35-60.

Ultherapy is applied by contacting the therapeutic head of the medical device to the relevant area after a special gel is applied on the skin, as in the ultrasonography examination. The device is first operated in scanning mode to obtain a superficial ultrasonographic image and the appropriate treatment depth is determined. Thus, therapeutic sound waves can be applied exactly to the desired skin layer. Otherwise, undesirable effects, pain sensation and unsatisfactory results may occur. This feature distinguishes the Ultherapy application from other methods. Controlled heat damage under the skin during the application leads to tension in the suspensory tissues in the early period, and in the late period, the suspensory ligament structures are renewed and tightened. The full effect of the application occurs after 90-180 days.

During the application, the person feels warmth under the skin. In order for the application to be more comfortable, your doctor may prescribe pain medication before the application. The Ulthera device has a technology that can transmit sound energy to the desired depths without damaging the surface of the skin. In this respect, it can be applied in every skin type, in every season, and after the application, the person can continue his social life immediately. Although numbness, tingling sensation and bruising can be observed quite rarely in the relevant areas after the application, these conditions usually regress quickly within days.

Ultherapy is not a suitable method for solving more superficial problems of the skin such as fine wrinkles, blemishes, surface irregularities. In this respect, better results can be obtained when used together with applications that target the superficial problems of the skin, such as fractional laser applications. I wish you healthy days.