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Trend lip styles in lip filling applications

Trend Lip Styles in Lip Filling Applications

In the lower part of the face, the lips are the most important anatomical area of ​​facial aesthetics, a youthful expression and attractiveness. Genetic structure, teeth and jaw bones, environmental conditions and facial expressions determine the shape of our lips. Aging and environmental conditions quickly force our lips to change that we do not want. Lip styles determined by fashion and trends are changing rapidly. Therefore, in lip aesthetic applications, filler applications are becoming more preferred with excellent results and interchangeability than applications such as permanent implants, surgical procedures, permanent make-up.

Natural Lip Structure

It is extremely important to determine the natural lip structure of the patient in a lip application with perfect aesthetic results. Normally, the aesthetic volume ratio of the upper lip and lower lip is as follows.

Normally, upper lip and lower lip volume ratios

Genetic structure, the relationship between lips and jawbones and teeth, environmental factors and our facial expressions determine the structure of our lips. For the lips, 3 types are defined according to the volume of the upper and lower lips.

1. Lips where the upper and lower lips are equal; This is the most undesirable lip shape in natural lip structure. It may be congenital or it often occurs during the aging process.

Equal upper and lower lip volumes

2. Lips where the upper lip is more prominent in volume than the lower lip; It is a less common lip structure. There is a structure that is not aesthetic among women. It can often be accompanied by large upper front teeth or situations where the upper jaw bone is ahead of the lower jaw bone.

Lips where the upper lip is more prominent in volume than the lower lip

3. Lips where the lower lip is more voluminous than the upper lip; It is a more common lip structure. It is more accepted among women. In the ideal lip, the alr dydak is slightly larger than the upper lip, but here the upper lip is larger than the proportions.

Lips where the lower lip is more voluminous than the upper lip

Style trends in aesthetic lip styles and lip fillers

Although lip styles are changing rapidly, today there are lip styles determined by women and aestheticians. These should be determined according to patient wishes and natural lip structure.

Lip volume applications are applied to the following areas on the lips.

Filling volume application areas for giving lip style

Lip styles and application points

one. Classic style lip application; This is truly a classic application. It is the style most preferred by women who do not want a serious change in their appearance and lip structure. It is often preferred by women whose lips are structurally thin or who have lost their lip volume in the aging process. Volume is applied at 5 points in order to maintain ideal dimensions between the lower and upper lips.

Application areas on classical style lips

2. Rubina style lip application; It is a style used for those who like their lips fuller without an excessive and aesthetically pleasing appearance. It is very similar to the classical style but has more volume than the classical form. In this style, the facial structure of the patient is extremely important before applying lips. For example, “Rubina” style can be a very unpleasant style for women with short nose-chin distance. The application is made in 5 application areas on the lips.

3. Eve(Eve) style lip application; It is different from other style applications. It is used in cases where the lower lip is lost in the corner of the mouth. The volume application to be made here will reveal the real volume and structure of the lower lip.

Home style lip eastern application areas

4. “Pearlique” style lip application; This lip style is just a lip style that looks like two pearls on the lower lip. It is the opposite of the Cupid lip style. It is a more attractive and sexy form given to the lips. It is the choice of women who want a more attention-grabbing look. The application is made only to 3 and 4 areas on the lips. Sometimes the application can be used in combination with the clarification of the upper lip vermilion edge.

Filling application areas in Pearlique lip style

5. Cupid Lip from style lip application; This style of lips provides a very youthful expression. The natural plumping process of the lips in women begins in the middle of the cupid bow-upper lip during adolescence, and then the fullness of the lip is distributed over the entire lip in aesthetic proportions. For this reason, we see Cupid lip style lips naturally in women before puberty. Care should be taken in these style applications. A slightly excessive volume application to be made here may distract the patient from the natural appearance.

Cupid style filling application areas

6. Angelic-Angel wing style lip application; This application is made entirely on the upper lip. The upper lip vermilion is highlighted and only 1 and 2 areas are voluminous. It is preferred by women because it is simple but flashy. The appearance after the application has taken this name with its resemblance to the angel wing.

In Angel style lip application, the upper lip vermilion line is clarified and volume is applied to the areas in the picture above.

7. Hollywood style lip application; This lip style is desired by women who do not want excessive filling in their lower and upper lips, but who want to draw all the attention to their lips. We see that it is more often chosen as the choice of cinema and TV artists. The upper lip edges do not show a sharp effacement in the mouth corner as in other lip styles. Normally, the volume excess of the lower lip compared to the upper lip is reversed. Here, volume is applied to 1,2 and 5 areas.

In Hollywood style lip filling, fillers are applied to 1,2 and 5 areas.

8. Male style lip application; It is preferred in lip filling applications in men. Here, the application is made close to the corners of the lips so that the male lip form is not deteriorated.

Lip filler application in men