Treatment of skin cysts

Skin cysts; are closed lesions filled with fluid, pus, or other substance.

Most of the cysts seen on the skin are Fat Cysts and Abscesses.

They do not contain cancer formation. There is no risk of conversion to skin cancer. The cysts feel like a small pea under the skin surface. Skin Cysts usually develop as a result of skin infections or blockage of sebaceous glands.


Skin cysts; They are closed tissue sacs filled with fluid, inflammation or fat. Skin Cysts are felt as a small pea under the surface of the skin or as mobile or fixed palpable lesions that cause greater pain. After diagnosis of Skin Cysts, removal is the main treatment.

If the diagnosis is abscess, first of all, if the infection is suppressed with antibiotic treatment and topical treatments and the abscess is drained, a much healthier treatment will be completed.

If the diagnosis is a fat cyst, an incision is made in accordance with the size of the lesion after the lesion area is anesthetized with local anesthetic. After the fat tissue in the cyst is completely removed, the treatment is completed by removing the sac containing this fat tissue.


Skin cysts do not turn into cancer. In addition, the cyst does not cause any harm to the organ it is close to. For example, when a sebaceous cyst on the scalp is taken, “would something happen to my brain”? The sebaceous cyst is in a sac and is superficial. It does not cause any damage to the nearby lesion. On the contrary, waiting there without being removed has the potential to cause problems in the future.