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Treatment of male pattern hair loss in women

Male pattern hair loss in women means thinning of the hair in the middle upper part of the head and enlargement of the forehead. It is defined as androgenetic alopecia in medicine. If there is no hormonal irregularity, treatment is started with topical drugs. Good results are obtained with Minoxidil 5% solutions. In advanced patients, topical treatment is accompanied by finasteride as a systemic drug derivatives, androgen suppressors, steroid treatments, iron drugs are used. Hair mesotherapy is not beneficial in androgenetic alopecia. The benefit of vitamins is insufficient. The effect of minoxidil solutions occurs in the 3rd month. It continues as long as it is used. With 6-month follow-ups, patients with alopecia are called for control and additional treatments are given according to the treatment result. Since there are no drugs that disrupt the hormonal balance, there is no need for analysis after the first blood test.