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Tips for beautiful skin

Having beautiful and smooth skin is the desire of everyone, especially women. For this, we want to apply daily care to the skin and use various creams. This is very true of our desire, because the care of the skin that has not been taken care of may become more difficult in the future. Daily care applied according to skin type and age is important for us not to be late for our skin in the future.

So what type of product should we use? Are the creams we apply to our skin suitable for our skin type? Could it cause a skin problem?

Dry skin: It is a skin type with a very low moisture content and a matte appearance. If dryness is not taken into account and appropriate moisturizers are not used, this skin type is more affected by the sun and wind, and wrinkles can occur at an earlier age and at a higher rate. In addition, dry skin pores are small and closed.

What should people with dry skin pay attention to in skin care?

Intense and oily moisturizing creams, moisture masks, eye creams, creams suitable for the neck area should be used daily, which will moisturize the skin sufficiently. Especially in the winter months, our skin tends to dry out even more as the humidity in the air will decrease. Moisturizers with a light oil content can be used in summer, and intensive and higher oil content moisturizers in winter and autumn. In addition, in areas far from the sea, the humidity is even lower, the skin may become dry and need extra moisture. Of course, especially on sunny days, especially in summer, sunscreens suitable for dry skin should not be neglected. Sunscreen-containing moisturizers and make-up products can also be preferred. Only those with blemishes, skin disease that may lead to skin cancer, or those with sun-triggered skin disease detected by a doctor should use a separate sunscreen recommended by their dermatologist.

As the age progresses, moisturizing creams, day and night serums and creams containing substances such as skin rejuvenating hyaluronic acid can be added. People with dry skin should avoid harsh cleansers and drying soaps, cleansing gels. Milk-type cleansers that do not dry the skin, soaps containing glycerin or olive oil should be preferred. Alcoholic tonics should not be preferred as they will dry the skin.

As a make-up remover, for example, milk-type cleaning products that do not contain any skin-drying ingredients should be preferred.

Oily skin: Its appearance is shiny and oily. Pores are open. It is a skin type that is prone to acne and blackheads.

What should people with oily skin pay attention to in skin care?

People with this skin type have a shiny and oily appearance as the oil secretion is above normal. Cleaning gel or soap suitable for the face, make-up removers, alcohol tonic, cleanser-firming masks and peeling creams that will reduce this appearance should be preferred. Since oily moisturizers can increase acne and blackheads in daily use, very light oil-free moisturizers should be preferred after cleansing the skin. Of course, they should prefer make-up products, especially powder, foundation and blush from oil-free products. They should prefer creams suitable for the eye area and for the neck area separately. They should not neglect sunscreens suitable for oily skin. Oily skin tends to loosen and sag as the age progresses, and firming, rejuvenating care products and day-night serums can be added in later ages.

People with acne (acne) and blackheads should use medical treatments under dermatologist control. They should prefer daily care products in addition to medical treatment, again with the recommendation of their dermatologist.

People whose skin is oily but dehydrated and who have problems with sensitivity, redness and flaking should also use creams, oil-balancing masks or creams, milk-type cleansers and make-up removers suitable for sensitive skin, which can reduce the appearance of sensitivity, redness and redness under the control of a dermatologist. For daily use, they should prefer very light oil-free moisturizers.

Combination skin: The area around the eyes and cheeks is normal or dry, and the forehead, nose and chin, which we call the T-zone, have an oily appearance. On the oily parts, the pores are open, acne and blackheads can be seen.

What should people with combination skin pay attention to in skin care?

In daily use, gel or milk type cleansers suitable for the needs of the skin, make-up removers, moisturizers according to the needs of the skin, creams suitable for the eye area and neck area should be used. If necessary, appropriate type of peeling creams, moisturizing firming and oil balancing masks, low alcohol tonic should be used. If the T-zone should be cleaned and tonic will be used, it should only be used on these areas. The cheeks should be moistened more intensely, the T-zone should be moistened less. In humid weather in summer, oily areas may become more oily and acne may occur. During the winter, the cheeks may become very dry, redness and stretching may occur. According to the season, more moisturizers should be used on the cheeks in winter and autumn. Dryer products should be preferred to the oily T zone. Those with acne problems should use medical treatments with the recommendation of a dermatologist. Again, as the age progresses, rejuvenating care products suitable for combination skin, day and night serums can be added. Especially in summer, sunscreens suitable for combination skin should not be neglected.

People with redness, itching, hypersensitivity on their skin, and prominent capillaries should use skin care products under dermatologist control, as they may have skin diseases such as eczema and rosacea.

Let’s not forget that there is no perfect skin, but it is in our hands to take care of our skin with the appropriate products and proper care will make the skin look as beautiful as possible.