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thread face lift

With the effect of genetic structure of individuals, environmental factors, age and gravity, signs of aging occur in different ways and in different regions. With the effect of aging, the skin begins to sag, skin firmness decreases and the skin loses its contour.

Complaints such as the formation of crow’s feet, drooping of the eyebrows, bags on the eyelids, forehead lines, nasolabial lines appear as the first signs of deformity. With the superficial thinning of the epidermis and dermis layer, wrinkles become more visible.

Thread lift, which is used to remove wrinkles and sagging caused by loss of muscle tone; Contrary to heavy and difficult facelift surgeries, it does not adversely affect the lives of individuals and provides comfort in practice.

Thread facelift; It is an alternative face lift method applied to patients who do not want to receive anesthesia, who are afraid of the side effects of the surgery, and who want to continue their social life in a short time. With the aim of achieving a more lively, beautiful and natural appearance, the preferred thread face lifting technique can be easily applied to all individuals, men and women, based on the tissue quality of the skin, regardless of gender.

With this application, which is performed without a scalpel in the recovery of the sagging face, removal of neck sagging, wrinkles around the mouth, collapses, eyebrow lifting, cheek and mouth clefts, eyebrow drops, jowl drops and other sagging parts of the body, the procedure is performed painlessly and painlessly in a single session. This application may not give ideal results for people with intense sagging and extremely deep lines.

The patient is examined and skin problems are detected. And the awned threads are placed in the determined areas and the application is started. Threads stimulate collagen synthesis under the skin and keep the skin taut. Different yarn types such as Aptos yarns, thread lift, elastic suture, silhouette soft yarns are used. This application can also be used in the sagging of the abdomen, hips and upper arms, but it gives more effective results when applied to the face and neck area.

In the non-surgical face lift procedure, which is performed by placing specially produced threads compatible with the skin tissue into the lower layer of the skin (dermis) of the area to be stretched with the help of a thin needle, the number of threads used varies depending on the damage to the skin. The threads are not felt under the skin thanks to their thinness. According to the patient’s request, anesthetic creams can be used in the area to be applied. In this process, which is minimally entered under the skin layer, there is no need to go through an intensive preparation process. patients; The incision gives reliable results in 15-30 minutes without the stress of surgery. After the procedure, edema may occur, albeit a little, at the entry points of the needle. The redness that occurs, on the other hand, goes away in 5-6 days.

The difference can be seen immediately after the applied procedure. And its effect can continue for 1 or 2 years. Individuals can return to their daily activities as soon as possible after the thread rejuvenation procedure.