Those who say it’s early for Botox

The content of Botox is not poison, it is a sterile, harmless protein obtained in a laboratory environment. And when injected into moving muscles, it temporarily restricts. For example, you can’t frown as much as before, when you raise your eyebrows, those stripe lines do not appear. You both get rid of the harsh appearance and delay aging. So you don’t wrinkle and you rest the muscles.

During this time, of course, an unexplainable relief and beauty comes to the face. If you want, your eyebrows are raised, even the excesses on your eyelids do not stand out. You should also say goodbye to crow’s feet. Temporarily of course. up to 4-6 months…

The most common thing that people who have Botox hear: “You have a beauty” is the phrase. They notice, but they cannot understand why. Because if an experienced, trusted dermatologist has done it, your natural appearance will never deteriorate.

In summary, Botox can be applied to the head area for the treatment of migraine, to the armpit to prevent sweating, to the chin and similar areas for clenching teeth. It has already been used in medicine for many years. Forehead lines, eyebrows and crow’s feet are the target for facial expression lines. Since the lines in this area are formed together with the mimic, it is the most logical and the most efficient to start the application before breakages and permanent lines are formed. You age later, you look younger and rested. After these lines are settled, support can be obtained from other helpful applications.