Things to consider in the design of the front hairline in hair transplantation

One of the most important stages in hair transplantation is the restoration of the ‘front hairline’. It is one of the most important parameters that show the quality and success of hair transplantation. A poorly designed front line can lead to lifelong negativities in the image of the person. There are certain criteria that we use in determining the front line. These;

Photographs of the person before hair loss, This information will guide us in determining a healthy front hairline.

2. Front midline point, This point is visible to most people. This point may not be seen in those with advanced hair loss. The distance of this point to the midpoint of the eyebrow can vary between 6-10 cm.

3. The starting and ending points of the forehead muscles. With age, there is weakening in the forehead muscles and the front hairline may slide down 1 cm.

4. The distance of the midpoint between the two eyebrows to the front hairline,

5. The angle that the lateral hairline, which we call the ‘temporofrontal angle’, makes with the front hairline,

6. The hair density in the front midline, which we call the ‘Frontal tufted area’, is the area that attracts attention when a person is first viewed from the front. This area should be dense and frequent.