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The sun is starting to show its face!

the harmful effects of the sun in the summer, how can we protect our skin?

It is a well-known proverb that “the doctor enters the house where the sun does not shine”. The sun, which is taken for short periods and at suitable times, is our friend. However, the sun is the most important external factor that increases skin aging in addition to the natural aging that occurs at different degrees depending on the genetic predisposition of the person. On the other hand, exposure to the sun for many years and periods not only causes skin aging, but also increases the risk of skin cancer.

Since the sun is also strong in winter in our country, avoiding the sun and using sunscreen products, especially at noon hours (between 11.00-16.00) both in summer and winter, delay skin aging.

Since people with fair skin are more affected by the sun, prolonged sun exposure leads to deeper wrinkles in these individuals. For this reason, fair-skinned people should use higher factor sunscreens than dark-skinned people. However, it should not be forgotten that the sun can also cause wrinkles and intense spots, which is another sign of aging, in dark-skinned people. These spots may become more evident with pregnancy, taking hormonal therapy and using birth control pills.

Severe sunburns in childhood have been shown to cause skin cancers. Therefore, it is very important to protect babies and children from the sun. In addition to the use of sunscreens to protect from the sun, it is necessary to wear wide-brimmed hats, choose long-sleeved, light-colored clothes, and use sunglasses.

On hot and sunny days or when you are at the seaside, sunscreen should be applied half an hour before going out in the sun and reapplied during the day, especially after contact with water.

Associate Professor. Emel Erdal Calikoglu