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The story of the dermatologist who made his own botox

We’ve all thought of questions like “Do barbers cut their own hair?” or “Do doctors go to the doctor?”

Well, have you ever wondered if dermatologists would self-do botox?

I have been doing my own botox for about 8 years. Actually, going back to the beginning of the story, a dermatologist friend of mine did the first botox procedure. However, due to both my hard work and the schedules of my dermatologist friends, I could not get together, and often my botox time was passing. One day, my wife said, “You do dozens of botox every month, I think you can do it yourself, try it one day and let’s see the results.” Afterwards, he added, “You know every detail of facial anatomy, every fiber of mimic muscles very well, you say you can do botos even with my eyes closed”. This thought occurred to me as well.


When I first applied it, it was 2-3 weeks before the time of my botox. I decided to go in front of the mirror and apply the process to myself.

Have you ever had any difficulties?

Will I survive? It is difficult for a person to make botox because the mirror shows everything upside down, so you have difficulty until you get used to it. You know, they say that even a master driver becomes an amateur on a road he doesn’t know, or I had a hard time doing Botox myself in front of the mirror. But this doesn’t seem to intimidate you… Yes, I remember saying when I got home, “why haven’t I done it myself until now”.

Is there any uneasiness among those who come to you for the Botox procedure?

First time visitors have doubts. They are afraid that they will get hurt or that one of the botox disasters they see on TV will happen to them. However, botox is a miraculous beauty elixir if it is made in the hands of competent people. I am not only talking about its rejuvenating effect, but also has an anti-aging effect if done regularly. On the other hand, the number of people who asked about the brand of botox material started to increase. This shows that when we compare it with 5 years ago, people are informed and their awareness about botox has increased. In our clinic, we can do our procedures with peace of mind, as we prefer top segment brands approved by the FDA, whether for botox application or filler applications.

Do we give up our facial expressions with Botox application, or do people with mask faces form?

This is definitely a misconception. Yes, it is true, botox prevents wrinkles by blocking mimic muscles. However, everything depends on finding the appropriate spot where botox will be made and the dose. There is an opinion that Botox is generally an expensive procedure, what do you think? Yes, it is true that there is such a belief, but this impression is usually made by people who have never had Botox. The price of Botox varies between 400 and 600 TL. This amount may not be less. But let’s simply compare the effect of botox with wrinkle creams. A good brand of wrinkle creams with peptides and molecules developed for this job costs around a few hundred dollars. But its effects cannot even be compared with botox. Considering the cost, the cost of botox is quite affordable compared to other methods. After the first botox application, people give up on this misconception.