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The stain is thought to be fate

Spot treatment is one of the treatments that requires the most patience. But it is not destiny.

As in our patients who applied to our clinic, there are many different types of stains. Therefore, their treatment is planned differently. Sunspots, birthmarks, chloasma, wound-burn-injury spots etc.

in treatment ; Our patient’s skin color, skin type, and stain stimuli are also taken into consideration. In other words, treatment can be planned according to the patient and the stain.

Our lucky point is that we now have a wealth of hands on spot treatment. With the help of laser spot treatment, mesotherapies, peelings, PRP, Plexr, satisfaction after treatment is much higher…

Spots are formed, new ones are added while complaining about them, my advice to you is to have your dermatologist examined for treatment before the spots increase. Afterwards, it is your responsibility to protect your satisfaction.