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The secret to looking 40 at 70 is in laser treatments

With the laser, which entered our lives in the early 1990s, more than one disease and many defects can be treated. In dermatology, it functions like a miracle of rejuvenation with groundbreaking innovations. Moreover, with laser applications, a 70-year-old can achieve a 40-year-old youth instead of undergoing many plastic surgeries.

Summer term is over. So, was the sun the only factor that wears out our skin in the summer? Spending a long time in environmental environments, especially in the sun, heat, pool and sea in summer, can cause wear on our skin, staining, wrinkles, unwanted sweat glands and even cancer precursors. What can we do to make our worn skin better? What methods are there for this? First of all, it is essential to moisturize our skin and apply sunscreen products in summer and winter. Thus, we can both make our worn skin look better and prevent the formation of new problems. If we do not get the necessary response with these routine care, we can apply to moisture masks, intradermal needle moisture applications and products prepared with our own blood. Another current method suitable for naturalness is laser applications.

After his applications in Akdeniz University Cosmetology Unit, I was in the Dermatology and Laser Center in Villa Donatello, Florence, Italy, due to my pursuits on laser and light system in both clinical and aesthetic dermatology. Dr. I stood by Paola Bonan and her team. What I observed from my visit; the latest technological applications are reflected in our clinical practices and the transfer of this experience and knowledge to our colleagues. In addition to applying new technological devices on patients, I was touched by the Italian flag and the Turkish flag while visiting the laser factory. Based on examples from abroad, the cooperation between academia and industry is very important in our country. Thus, devices can be designed in the most ideal possible conditions according to clinical needs. Today I will tell you the latest trends in laser treatments. Laser applications are the most effective and up-to-date method that targets our own natural structure without giving an additional product from the outside. Desired effects can be achieved with separate wavelengths for each problem, such as recovering our deteriorated and sagging skin, removing our stains, opening wrinkles, getting rid of unwanted thickened hair and correcting our irregular oil structure. In addition, desired results can be achieved at certain rates without using drugs or supplements.

laser hair removal; It is also used in the treatment of some diseases besides feather yellowing and tattoo removal. Contrary to popular belief, lasers are not only used for epilation purposes. Laser and light systems in general have been used for many years in the treatment of various skin diseases as well as in non-surgical aesthetic dermatology. In addition, cancer and tumor treatments, wounds, acne, cracks, red face, spots, vascular moles and enlargements, sun-damaged skin, removal of sagging and irregularities in the skin, reducing the severity of dog udder disease, male pattern hair loss, wound healing and excessive skin proliferation. Laser is also used in the treatment of diseases.

LASERS create miracles on human skin when used correctly. At the age of 70, many plastic surgeries are no longer needed to look in their 40s. Both in our country and in the world, it is known that the stars who take care of themselves and age healthy have a healthy and young skin with small laser touches. Here are the latest trend laser treatments:

Spot treatment gains momentum with the end of summer. The first trend I would like to convey is that in addition to the classical skin peeling lasers or vascular components that we know in the treatment of stains, laser designs aimed at increasing collagen with a wavelength of 675 nm provide rejuvenation on the skin in summer and winter. It is also used in spot and scar treatments. This laser technique does not restrict social life and does not cause peeling of the skin. It is painless thanks to its application with cooled heads. Renewal and permanent effects can be achieved in 6 months with 2-3 sessions by determining personalized protocols.

The second trend; It is a broad wave spectrum application with 500-1200 nm pulses, which includes the light spectrum that simultaneously targets the red face and vascular structures on the face, redness, spots, tightening and acne. It is planned to apply the light system according to the purpose we want for epilation, wrinkles, aging, stains, vascular structures and acne with the caps belonging to different ranges of these wavelengths. While this application is preferred in the winter months due to the possible side effects of staining on the skin due to the effect of the sun, it is economical for the patient in terms of meeting many needs and cost.

The Hollywood app is another trend. It is a baby-like and lively skin peeling application that can be applied during lunch break, with an advanced laser system and controlled heat damage created by controlled intermittent microscopic columns. This application is used with precision in the treatment of wrinkles, spots, acne and scars.

Another trend is that 755 nm and 1064 nm wavelengths are used in a wide variety of diseases such as epilation, rosacea, vascular mole, vein and blemish treatments, skin rejuvenation, nail fungus, dog mammary disease. It is advantageous to apply the device quickly to the body with its 30 mm head and powerful energy.

Do lasers harm human health? Who should implement advanced new technologies?’ I can answer questions such as: Laser can cause temporary and permanent damage. Application of some types in summer is not recommended due to the development of stains. In addition to the development of long-lasting redness, staining, scars and scars on the skin, it can also cause blindness. For this reason, these devices should be applied by medical doctors who are experts in their fields and in licensed clinics.

While lasers and light systems illuminate our day, they also show promise for many diseases. In the treatment of moderate and severe acne, a 1726 nm wave laser system, which is a good improvement for patients with FDA-approved oral treatment, tends to leave scars and has boiled acne, works miracles in acne treatment. In my next article, I will tell you about the miracles of laser applied in acne treatment.