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The secret of contactless thinning

Contactless Slimming is one of the methods of getting rid of our regional excesses. This method is one of the most up-to-date treatments in recent years among regional thinning methods.

1. What is the difference of Contactless Thinning compared to other methods?

The most important difference of contactless thinning is that it focuses on locally collected fats. This treatment is actually a kind of smart treatment. The system used is ‘selective radiofrequency’. Radio waves that selectively focus on fats accumulate in the fat layer.
It reduces the fat in the area.

2. How is the Contactless Thinning treatment applied?

Two heads are used in the non-contact thinning treatment. While one of them is applied in the abdomen, waist and back; another is applied to the hip, inner leg and arm area. The patient is laid in the appropriate position and these caps are 2 to 3 cm from the patient’s area to be applied.
placed at a distance. The patient only rests during the treatment.

3. Is the procedure painful?

Contactless Slimming treatment is painless. The patient only feels warming during the treatment. There may be a tingling sensation in some areas, but pain is never felt during the treatment.

4. Which areas can this treatment be applied to?

Non-contact slimming treatment can be applied to the abdomen, waist, back, arm, inner leg and hip areas where regional fat is collected. With the abdominal cap, the waist and abdomen are treated at the same time. That is, the person becomes thinner in the environment. If the abdominal circumference is thicker than 100 cm, the application to the person should be done both on the back and on the back.
It is also done by lying face down. With the leg cap, both the hip and the inner leg are treated at the same time.

5. How long is the application period of the treatment?

If the treatment is applied to the abdomen, the treatment takes an average of 30 to 45 minutes. Each leg treatment takes 30 minutes and the total treatment takes 1 hour. Arm treatment also takes an average of 45 minutes.

6. How many sessions is the treatment done?

Contactless Slimming treatment is applied once a week for a total of 4 to 6 sessions. The number of sessions is determined according to the needs of the person. Treatment session intervals are 5 days at the earliest, 15 days at the latest; determined as an average of 1 week.

7. When will there be a response from the treatment?

The response from the Contactless Slimming treatment is taken between 3 weeks and 3 months depending on the patient’s compliance with the treatment, the patient’s metabolic rate and the patient’s fat amount. During the treatment, people who pay attention to their diet, do sports with light effort and work with a fast metabolism, thinning of 3 to 4 cm can be seen after the 3rd session; Such thinning is observed at the end of the 3rd month in jobs with a resistant structure and slower metabolism. At the earliest 3 weeks, at the latest 3 months, results are obtained from the treatment.

8. How many cm thinning is achieved?

According to the person’s fat ratio, 3 to 13 cm around the abdomen and waist; from 2 to 7 cm in the leg area; 2 to 5 cm thinning can be achieved in the arm area.

9. Are there any side effects of Contactless Slimming treatment?

Contactless Slimming treatment does not have any side effects. This treatment can be safely administered to anyone who is eligible.

10. Who cannot be treated with this treatment?

Non-contact Slimming treatment cannot be applied to those with a pacemaker, joint prosthesis, pregnant women, lactating patients, uncontrolled diabetes and hypothyroidism, and cancer patients. Anyone outside of this situation can be treated with non-contact thinning. Non-contact Slimming treatment is a local slimming treatment that is applied under the control of a doctor, is safe and has no side effects. As a result of this treatment, it is possible to slim down to one to two sizes.