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The remedy for excessive sweating: botox

Botox has become an effective hope for many people who suffer from excessive sweating. . Not to mention sweating, excessive sweating is a serious problem. It can cause people to lose their self-confidence and withdraw from social life. 2-3% of people complain about this problem.
§ Those who see that you are sweating think that you are bored, that you have a pain or that you have a problem. Sweating can disrupt the balance in some conversations. Although you are full of self-confidence, sweat droplets accumulating on your forehead can force you and cause you to be misunderstood.
§ Or consider a person whose armpits are constantly wet; she uses all kinds of deodorants, she smells good, her body is clean, but there is always a big sweat ring on her shirt, blouse or t-shirt! Even when his sweat dries, a halo of salt stains remains on his clothes. Or the ironing of the shirts immediately breaks down. For this reason, he can’t take off his jacket, he sweats more and more and gets bored. Such people are constantly forced to choose synthetic clothes. Synthetics increase sweating once more, as a result, everything becomes unbearable, one cannot predict what to wear and how many hours to look neat.
§ Some have sweaty hands. His pockets and bag are overflowing with tissue paper. She does her best not to shake anyone’s hand in a formal meeting!
§ Sweating feet is another problem. If he wears shoes, it smells, if he wears slippers, his feet slip, cotton socks get wet, lycra socks smell, constantly wet feet cause other problems on the skin, etc.
The reason for this excessive sweating in some people is that the nerves send more than normal impulses to the sweat glands. This situation is very common in diabetes (diabetes) patients and hyperthyroidism (goiter) patients, some of them cannot be associated with any disease. It is typical in women in the menopausal period, usually accompanied by hot flashes.
If these problems cannot be resolved despite the treatment of the disease, Botox can be applied.
Botox reduces sweating by blocking aceticoline, which causes secretion in sweat glands. Because of this effect; It is used safely on the palms, armpits, heels and forehead for the treatment of excessive sweating.
The most radical treatment of regional excessive sweating is the removal of problematic sweat glands with a delicate operation. However, it is very troublesome and leaves a trace. Therefore, it is not preferred.
Another treatment method, especially used on hands and feet ionpheresis is . To carry out this treatment, you need to visit the doctor at least twice a week. Even if you are determined in the beginning, it is not easy to endure this tempo for a long time. Patients who start usually leave halfway.
BOTOX is the most effective and trouble-free treatment method used today against excessive sweating. By temporarily blocking the operation of the nerves reaching the sweat glands, it prevents the activity of the sweat glands.
Before Botox, preparations containing aluminum chloride or aluminum hydroxide, iontopheresis were used against local sweating and endoscopic surgery was performed. None of these solutions proved to be very helpful. Surgical solutions had too many side effects.
Treatments with Botox in the last 10 years have been a hope for patients. In my own experience, I have had very good results, especially in patients with armpit and palm sweating complaints, and I continue to apply. In fact, I can say that the most effective results are obtained with Botox in patients with regional sweating complaints.