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The promise of eternal youth light, is it real?

In the holistic beauty approach; We aim to offer a solution that preserves its naturalness by analyzing the source of findings such as pallor, increased vascularity, spots due to sun damage, lack of moisture, loss of elasticity, sagging, increased pore, which develop with the effect of environmental conditions over time. In this case, the analysis of the skin structure of the people comes to the fore. Dermatologists apply to new generation skin rejuvenation methods. One of the most powerful of these methods is BBL (Broad Band Light), which means broadband light. With this method, we try to protect the DNA of the skin by repairing the DNA damage.

Since this method is not a needled process, it takes its place in quality businesses as an extremely easy and comfortable application. BBL, an FDA-approved method, defines light with wavelengths between 400-1200nm. The light between these wavelengths is fixed to certain wavelengths using special filters and caps. A different filter is planned for each wavelength according to the problem of the person. The importance of this wavelength light is to renew the gene structure of the aging human skin. And also

  • rosacea, red face treatment
  • Tightening active acne and large pores
  • Treatment of capillaries, hemangioma (vascular moles), telangiectasias with superficial capillaries
  • Sunspots (lentigo), freckle (ephelite), pregnancy mask, skin color irregularity
  • It is effective in skin laxity, rejuvenation and skin tightening, anti-aging and removing fine wrinkles on the face and neck.

BBL device is applied to a person consecutively with different wavelengths for more than one purpose in the same session. This means that both stain, skin rejuvenation and capillary treatment can be done in the same session. A partial darkening of the spots and effacement of the veins are observed immediately after the treatment, while a slight peeling occurs after 7-10 days for well-being and the desired effect is achieved within a month. Skin rejuvenation, red face and acne treatments are applied for the problem in all seasons regardless of summer or winter. Although it is recommended to be repeated 6-8 months after the cure is completed in order to maintain the well-being, we can observe the desired effect after the first session.

In the holistic beauty approach; While promising the light of eternal youth, we were nervous at first, but as the results increase, we see the benefits of using high technology very clearly. It is slowly starting to become indispensable for dermatologists. Nice days ..


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