The new method of slimming ( life-detox )

We change your lifestyle and habits and offer you a new lifestyle. Under the control of dermatologists and dieticians, treatment of obesity, which is the disease of the age, regional thinning – tightening treatments and detox treatments are applied.

Lose weight with Life-detox and shape your life!

Life-detox system Dr. Action is a special system implemented by ACAR and its team. In this system, the body and habits are based on changing and regulating the way of life and life coaching is carried out. Life arrangements are made by taking into account all physical activity, lifestyle, social life, general nutrition and business life of the person. In the Life-detox system, there are devices and systems used for weight loss and slimming. Special detox treatments, performed under the supervision of a doctor and dietitian, can be applied to change your lifestyle or for a short period of time. With our special treatment methods, you can lose 6 kilos in 1 month and slim down 2 sizes. Within these special programs, the person’s full compliance with the program is in question.

Painless, bladeless, scalpel-free regional lubrication treatment! Body contour editing!

Lipolysis, which is the injection of a completely herbal medicine, breaks down the fat cell. Dermatologist Dr. The action is implemented by ACAR. This method, which is not a surgical procedure, is applied by a small number of physicians in Turkey. This method, which started in Brazil in 1995, attracts great attention in Europe and the USA.

Regional adiposity is a problem that is frequently seen in men and women and is still a problem, even if weight loss occurs. In this system, our aim is to weaken the person with the right diet, while at the same time making the thinning more evident in the regions where local lubrication is concerned. This method is not a weight loss method, it is a slimming and body editing method.

Get a stunningly firm body with vibration!

Used all over the world, the world famous miraculous device (power plate) is an activity and sports device that works with high vibration and causes serious changes in body shape and muscle mass by resisting this vibration. The device, which provides a vitality, firming and flexibility that you cannot achieve with fitness or other sports activities, is also used in the treatment of cellulite. The device, which has received a detox award from the USA because it accelerates blood circulation, is applied in our special treatments or alone in our clinic. It is used in many body deformations such as deformations in the body after pregnancy, low buttock, breast sagging, softening in the arms and legs.

Slim down and get rid of cellulite with infrared and radio frequency!

Regional thinning-tightening is achieved with the vellasmooth device, which uses 4 effective systems such as vacuum, mechanical massage, infrared and bi-polar radio frequency. Circulation is accelerated, metabolic breakdown of fat cells is ensured, lymph drainage and skin tightening are observed.

In this system, which has FDA approval, thinning is achieved on a centimeter basis. At the same time, muscle pain relief can be seen in this system.