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The map of beauty without a scalpel

Our face is a part and even a mirror of our body; Our face and body skin is a whole. What creates the beauty of our face is that this unity is in harmony with each other. If a groove has formed between the two eyebrows because we have a lot of wrinkles on our forehead or wrinkles around our eyes or because we frown a lot, this can of course make us look older, with a harsh expression or tired.
In addition, there may be clarification and redness of the veins, regional dark and light spots on the skin. This is an indication of photodamage to the skin, which is an important indicator of aging. In older ages, other than wrinkles, collapses in the tissue are at the forefront. For example, the thinning of the temple bones and the thinning of the skin of this region and the decrease in the fat tissue cause the face oval to be reversed. In other words, when our face is young, the top of the triangle is down, our chin is pointed, but this situation reverses as we age. Similarly, thinning of the lips and loss of enamel on the teeth accompany aging around the mouth.

The upper 1/3 of our face is wrinkled in relation to the movements of the mimic muscles. For this purpose, botox, a muscle relaxant drug, is used to relax the mimic muscles. It has been used in high doses as a muscle relaxant in large muscle groups in many patients, including children, for years. It is a toxin, and this toxin is obtained from bacteria, just like the antibiotics we drink or the vaccines we receive. It is a proven drug and there is no expectation of side effects that will occur later. The doses used to relax the facial mimic muscles are extremely low doses, and when the effect wears off, it goes back to the first point where it started to do botox, there is no such thing as getting worse. On the contrary, in systems that work the muscles, the muscles may always need this system and turn into a dependent process. With this method, as the muscles work less and move the skin less, the lines decrease and even look better because they are trained.

The wrinkles on the forehead are due to mimic movements and may deepen over time. In particular, we can say that mimic wrinkles are not related to age, but to the movement of the skin during mimics. Sometimes we can see that a very young person has a lot of wrinkles because he uses his facial expressions a lot. Since this area is also the most exposed to the sun’s rays, wrinkles appear much more quickly. Botox can be applied for forehead wrinkles. Botox is very effective in relaxing the muscles in this area and opening the lines.

edge of the eye
Botox can also be applied for the lines around the eyes called crow’s feet. In the same way, it loosens the facial expressions and destroys the lines.
Creams applied to this area can remove very superficial lines and contribute to the restructuring of the skin if the fruit is acidic.

between eyebrows
Frowning lines make the person look tense and stressed, even if they are not. The way to get rid of these lines is possible with botox. Botox and filler applications are used together in very deep wrinkles. Of the fillers, especially those who do not have a risk of non-animal allergy should be preferred.

Nasolabial lines between cheek and nose
Mimics are not responsible for the formation of lines in this region. While our skin is trying to resist gravity, which they do with collagen-elastic fibers and muscles, over time, a decrease in the tissues in this area and sagging due to gravity may occur. Because our cells are able to synthesize less fiber with advancing age, moreover, they are rowing against the current. Also, when a layer of dermis that has lost its water and decreased fat tissue is added, this place collapses and a line is formed on both sides in the form of a groove. The best treatment of this area is with ready-made filling materials.

Filling Materials
It is a stabilized hyaluronic acid that does not contain animal raw materials. When injected into the skin, it combines with the body’s own hyaluronic acid to create volume. With this volume, lips are plumped, lines, wrinkles and facial folds are treated. Besides being quick and easy to apply, it allows immediate visible results.
It is injected into the areas where the body’s own hyaluronic acid density decreases. It creates volume in the injected areas and provides fullness in the emptied area. Results can be seen at the same time but can get better within weeks. Hyaluronic acid is applied by injecting it into the dermis with its own thin sterile injector, into the area under the wrinkle. The number of injections required varies depending on the depth and length of the wrinkle. Several injections may be required.

Hyaluronic acid is not of animal origin, like other biodegradable fillers. This filler not only minimizes allergic reactions, but also prevents the transmission of animal-specific diseases to humans.

Therefore, the use of hyaluronic acid is completely safe and does not require any pre-treatment testing. After the filler injections, you can return to your normal activities immediately. Depending on the treated area, the results are permanent for a period of 3-6 months. Thanks to repetitive sessions, cases with a permanence period exceeding 1 year have been reported.

Upper nose (rabbit) lines
They are oblique lines formed on the back of the nose. It can be removed with botox application made from several points.

Slant eye
In patients with Asian type eyes, it may be desirable to have a more oval eye wall. In such patients, the lower eyelid can be made more oval with Botox injections made to several points just below the eye.

Upper lip (cigarette) lines
They are vertical lines formed on the upper part of the lip. It is possible to lighten these lines with Botox injection. In addition, filling applications made in the form of contour application to the lip edge are also very beautiful.

Lip curvature (Marionette lines)
Some of them have the corner of their lips turned down, which gives the person a sad expression. It is possible to get rid of this situation by injecting botox into the muscles that pull the lip corner down.

jaw lines
If there is a wrinkled or rough appearance in the middle of the chin, it is possible to eliminate this situation by applying Botox to the chin from one or two points.

Palate view (Gummy smile)
When some smile, their upper gums are visible. It can be corrected with Botox injections.

Necklines (Platisma)
In some people, neck muscles become visibly prominent. With Botox applications, this irregular appearance is removed and the neck contour appearance becomes younger.

The benefits of light to the human body have been known by the medical world for many years. Light is one of the most important elements of professional treatment methods to revitalize cells and regenerate tissues. In skin specialization, where a new product is developed almost every day, it is now possible to treat our skin with light therapies that are more natural and provide treatment using the skin’s own mechanisms, without compromising the integrity of our skin.

These lights, which do not contain harmful ultraviolet or infrared (infrared), are easily absorbed by the skin and stimulate the dermis layer of the skin. This layer is the main center of the skin where it lives, reproduces and is nourished. Diode light stimulates the cells under the skin, making them active and revitalizing, thus positively affecting the post-operative healing process.


The main cause of aging is ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet causes the accumulation of substances (free radicals) that are difficult to remove in the cells and the breakage or even loss of collagen fibers. They are the pigments in the cells that serve to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays and give the skin its color. With the effect of excessive sun and years, these pigments decrease, and the decrease in the number of cells causes thinning of the skin. Collagen and elastic fibers under the skin that give the skin its elasticity and tension lose their quality under the influence of ultraviolet. Thus, the tension of the skin decreases, the skin loses its fight against gravity and over time, the skin sags.

Improvement of acne, acne scars, scars (surgical incision scars, stretch marks, burn scar tissue) and keloids.
The number of treatments required varies depending on the indication. On aged or sun-damaged skin, 3 consecutive sessions are required, depending on the type of lesion. A typical treatment scheme consists of 3 sessions at 3-4 week intervals following initial therapy. Tattoo, acne, scar tissue, vascular and pigmented lesions normally require at least 3 sessions, depending on the lesion and its severity. It is beneficial to repeat the application every year for the permanence of the process.