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The latest trend in spot treatment: mesorp

Skin spots can be our nightmare, especially after the summer season spent under abundant sun rays. For this reason, new treatment protocols are developing day by day in the treatment of skin spots.

There are many types of skin blemishes. At the beginning of the most frequently encountered spots, the type of spot called ‘melasma’, which is usually located on the forehead, cheeks and lips where the sun’s rays come vertically, comes with a clear border. Melasma often becomes more pronounced after intense exposure to sunlight in the summer. What causes melasma is that the color pigment melanin is secreted much more from the melanocytes that give our skin its color. When this pigment is excessively secreted, spots appear that appear quite dark from the outside.

Other types of spots include chloasma and freckles that occur after hormonal changes during pregnancy. Freckles are generally seen in people with a genetic predisposition. Although treated, they are often recurrent. For this reason, in the treatment phase, the treatment of the spots we call melasma or chloasma is emphasized.

There are many methods of stain treatment. These treatment methods include laser treatments, chemical peeling applications, enzyme peeling treatment, mesotherapy, PRP and dermapen or dermaroller treatments. All these treatments can be applied alone or in combination.

‘MesoPRP’ treatment is one of the most preferred treatment methods among these combination treatments in recent years. MesoPRP is a very effective treatment method especially in melasma type spots.

What is MesoPRP?

Meso PRP is a treatment protocol in which mesotherapy and PRP methods are used in combination. Before starting this treatment, the person’s stain structure is examined in detail. The examination phase of the stain is very important because in this treatment method, personalized treatment formulas are prepared.

While the products used are different in those with superficial stains, the type of product and the frequency of application differ completely in those with deep stains.

After determining the type of stain in meso PRP, a treatment plan is made. At this stage, personalized vitamin and various mineral cocktails are prepared. These cocktails are renewed in each session according to the response of the stain from the treatment.

Cocktail therapy is supported by PRP, which is a kind of stem cell therapy made by separating the blood taken from the person’s own blood platelets. The purpose of PRP is to make the treatment method much more effective by supporting it with stem cells. In this way, the person benefits from both the treatment cocktails specially prepared for him and the therapeutic effect of his own stem cells.

MesoPRP is applied every one to two weeks for at least 4 sessions, depending on the type of spot of the person. While a patient who is given a cocktail for one week can be administered stem cells the next week, this protocol can be varied according to the individual as a cocktail application for several weeks in a row, and stem cell application in the latest sessions.

What are the advantages of MesoPRP treatment:

This treatment method is applied completely individually.

It is a very effective treatment as it is combined with stem cell therapy.

It is a dynamic treatment method as the applied products are renewed according to the healing degree of the stain in each session.

After this treatment method, there are no reactions such as burning, stinging or peeling on the face.

This treatment method is not directly affected by sunlight.

This treatment method can be applied to any skin type.

Stains are treated gradually through the MesoPRP method. Therefore, the permanence of the method is also very high. Thanks to this treatment method, which has been especially preferred in recent years, the treatment of skin spots has become much easier.

Dr. Story Maraşoğlu Çelen