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The formula for a permanent farewell to acne

Pimples, that is, acnes, the unending ordeal of the youth years, can continue to bother us with the scars they leave from middle age. With the right care and treatment methods, you can get rid of your acne and erase the traces that will make you reconcile with mirrors.

If you treat acne with short and random methods, you will never be able to get rid of these tiny scars. For the permanence of the treatment, it must first be determined that your skin produces acne. At the end of the treatment for the cause, it is your duty to provide permanent protection.


Acne, also called acne, is a chronic inflammatory disease involving the sebaceous glands and hair follicles. In studies, the incidence of acne in people between the ages of 11 and 30 was determined as 80 percent. Acne, which is not of vital importance, can create aesthetic problems and lead to psychological disorders. Especially during puberty, increased androgen hormone levels in both boys and girls cause excessive oil production. People with acne have more oil secretions called sebum than normal people. When acne occurs, bacteria, sebum and cellular wastes accumulate in the funnel-like part of the hair follicles and create a blockage. Thus, blackheads, the first stage of acne, are formed. Bacteria multiplying by feeding on fat and cells in the follicle secrete chemical substances, creating a reaction here and the follicle wall is breaking down. Sebum, bacteria, and cells can diffuse into the skin, causing redness, swelling, and inflammation. Thus, inflamed pimples, cysts that cause shape and tissue disorders can occur.


Acne is an inflammation of the sebaceous glands in our skin. Therefore, it is a condition that requires treatment. If this situation, which is seen in 80 percent of the society during adolescence, continues after adolescence, there must be an underlying cause. We need to find this cause, reveal it, and continue the treatment over it. Although it is thought to be caused by many factors in the formation of acne; Hormones, genetic features, bacteria and parasites, and some drugs, especially hormone drugs, come to the fore. Stress, excessive sweating, metabolic diseases, improper diets, occupational reasons can also cause acne. Environmental factors, air pollution, high humidity levels and the use of wrong cosmetic skin care products also trigger acne. The fear of those with acne problems is that it may be caused by the liver, which is extremely innocent in this regard.


Recent studies reveal that zinc deficiency is encountered in people with acne problems. The lack of zinc in oil production, which leads to acne formation, has a great effect. Zinc is a mineral that strengthens the immune system and renews cells. It activates the chemical composition of vitamin A and helps to reduce acne with its antibacterial effect. Vitamin A is one of the most important nutritional sources that provide restructuring of cells and protect skin health. Therefore, a deficiency of this vitamin can cause acne breakouts. Vitamin A protects the skin and helps repair tissue damage. It also prevents excessive fat accumulation. This also prevents the formation of acne. In other words, vitamin A is an effective substance that fights both acne and aging. It is also recommended to take vitamin B5 to eliminate acne and blackheads. This vitamin helps the adrenal glands to function properly. It is extremely effective especially for the acne problem that occurs due to hormonal irregularities.


The most important issue in acne treatment is patient-doctor cooperation. Treatment should aim at minimizing symptoms and improving existing symptoms without leaving a permanent scar. The first thing I suggest to my patients is to first reveal the cause so that I can manage this treatment, and then to carry out the treatment shoulder to shoulder in a discipline. Sometimes the process can go fast, sometimes quite slowly.

The skin type, the depth and duration of acne lesions, the age of the person, even his/her role in social life and psychological structure guide the treatment. Acne treatment should be personalized. The cream that is good for your neighbor’s acne can make your face worse. For this reason, the help of a dermatologist is very important from the first moment the acne elements are seen. In the treatment of acne, as in all other skin diseases, it affects the result of early intervention. The first step in acne that occurs during adolescence should be to purify the skin with cleansing gels and creams aimed at suppressing the sebum level in the skin and removing the blockage of the channels. If inflamed pimples have appeared, in this case, local or systemic drugs can be used. Minimizing external factors such as diet and stress control should be another way. However, since the problem of acne in adolescence will continue until the hormones are regulated, that is, until puberty is completed, long-term control of this process is very important. In addition to medicines, devices developed by utilizing the blessings of technology accelerate the process and support us dermatologists in treating the remaining scars.


If you have acne that appears after the age of 25 or does not heal, especially concentrated on the chin, and has a tendency to leave scars, know that you are dealing with hormonal acne. In this case, the first thing to do would be to apply to a dermatologist and complete various analyzes and examinations in order to reveal the cause of the event. In the following process, the aim should be to solve the case quickly, without any scars and scars, together with the treatments for the cause. In such situations, we now have many weapons at our disposal. Acne peelings, medical care systems, various light and laser systems are just a few of them. The most important factor here is to plan in which order they are suitable for whom, which should only be done by a specialist doctor. Because acne is a disease and requires treatment.


The positive effects of the sun and salty water, namely the sea, on acne cannot be denied in the summer months. The problem can be solved with appropriate medical care, the use of the right skin cleansing and care products, and acne peelings in acnes that increase after summer. The needs of the skin change every season. For this reason, care and treatment products used in summer and winter should also have different contents.


Acne scars can be in the form of pits, bumps or spots. That’s why the treatment of each is separated in itself. While there are acne elements on the face, they must be treated first. Otherwise, while trying to treat acne scars, existing acne may flare up and these may leave deep scars. Therefore, before starting acne scar treatment, the skin should be evaluated well, and the treatment should be decided according to the character of the acne scars and the sensitivity, thickness and color of the skin. Early intervention should be the most important factor when erasing acne scars. Fractional radiofrequency methods with needles, laser and light systems, plasma treatments, PRP, vitamin injections, enzyme peeling and chemical peelings are the most frequently used solutions for acne scars as well as pores, and we get successful and satisfactory results in the treatment of acne scars.


The task does not end after treating acne; just like losing weight. Just as it is important to maintain the ideal weight after losing weight, the aim should be to maintain a quality skin structure after achieving an acne-free skin. In this context, it is very important to determine the appropriate moisturizing, cleansing and purifying products for each patient. It’s like silver that darkens and tarnishes when our skin is left outside. A healthy skin becomes radiant. It needs to be cleaned and polished periodically. It is very important for the continuation of the well-being of the skin that the appropriate medical care, annual skin rejuvenating peelings and skin lightening treatments are applied at regular intervals so that the skin does not become dull and does not go back to its old age.