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The first light-based solution for skin tightening: titan

Depending on many factors such as age, genetic characteristics, rapid weight changes, pregnancy, loosening and sagging of the skin is a part of natural life. Regarding this problem, which is important for many people, men or women, researches are constantly being conducted on skin tightening methods.

What are the methods used in skin tightening?

Methods such as surgical intervention, mesolifting, myolifting, oxygen therapy, LPG (deep tissue massage) have been used for a long time.

However, recently, another very effective option called TITAN method, which differs from all these applications in terms of its mechanism of action, has been applied.

What is the TITAN app? What are the innovations brought to the world of aesthetics?

TITAN application is a non-surgical, safe method that can reverse the signs of aging by tightening the skin with the use of an infrared light source.

The most important innovation it brought to the world of aesthetics is that it is the first system that uses a light source to tighten the sagging skin and stretch it without surgery.

In addition, the person to whom TITAN is applied can easily return to work and social life immediately after the application, even if the face area has been treated.

What is the mechanism of action? How does it heal the signs of aging?

TITAN heats the dermis (lower layer of the skin) to pull collagen; however, it protects the epidermis (upper layer of the skin) by constantly cooling it. In addition, TITAN helps patients have younger looking skin by stimulating collagen restructuring in the long term.

Which areas of the body can TITAN be applied to?

This method can be used to tighten and lift loose and sagging skin all over the body, including the face, neck, abdomen, hips and arms.

What regions does it work best in?

Loose and sagging skin on the whole body usually produces good results; however, more striking results were observed in the abdomen, face and submental (jowl region) regions.

How many sessions are required at least?

Generally, 2 sessions are applied. However, although it varies according to the age, skin structure and response of the person, a 3rd application can be made after waiting 6 months.

How long does the effect last on the applied areas?

According to the reports of doctors who have been using it since it was first introduced in the USA, the effects of TITAN still continue in the first cases applied approximately 1.5 years ago. Giving a period beyond that is currently unrealistic.

Is there an age limit? At what age does it work best on people?

There is no age limit for the Titan application; however, better results are obtained in patients before 60 years of age. The young age of the patient creates an important advantage in terms of results.

Can it be applied to men as well?

There is no distinction between the sexes in terms of results.

Are there any side effects?

There are no known side effects.

Are there people who should definitely not be applied?

It is not recommended to be applied to pregnant women and people undergoing cancer treatment.

What are the advantages over other methods?

Titan application:

* It is a safe, comfortable and non-surgical method.

* It can treat loose and sagging skin on the whole body. * Stimulates the restructuring of collagen in the long term.

* It is safe for skin health as it provides continuous epidermal cooling.

What is its place in the ranking in terms of cost among anti-aging methods?

It can be considered much cheaper than surgical application.