The beauty that came in a short time, the renaissance technique…

The name of the new beauty trend known as “Beauty Coming in a Short Time” because it is applied in a short time in the European countries where it is used, leaves no traces and can continue the daily life of the person immediately.

MIIT Renaissance technique …

Technical; Cocktail products with ingredients such as pine nut extract, hyaluronic acid, collagen, caffeine, meristem cells (organic stem cells) in a short time in wide application areas such as purple circles, face, neck, underarms, décolleté, hands, feet, buttocks, hips. works miracles.

Each of the products is used in the treatment of different regions in different age groups due to its ingredients. The features of the first and only cocktail “Raffaello”, which contains 8 active ingredients together, are explained as follows:

Raffaello is a cocktail consisting of Hyaluranic acid, Pinus pinaster, Resveratrol, Glutathione, Antioxidant complex, Amino acids, Copperpeptide and B group vitamins, and provides hydration and shine with its beneficial content for the skin between the ages of 25-35. With the effect it creates, it nourishes the skin and delays the effects of aging. It is effective on the face, neck, décolleté, hands, feet, dark circles under the eyes and hair follicles. Pycnogenol in the Pinus Pinaster content in Raffaello provides a lightening effect, lightens the dark colors, provides brightness to the skin and also shows an anti-aging effect because it increases the quality of intravascular circulation.

“Tiziano” is recommended as the first and only cocktail containing 10 different antiaging active substances for people after 35 years of age, and it consists of Omega CTP complex, Organic stem cells, Resveratrol, Copper peptide, Collagen, hyaluronic acid, Omega 3, 6, 9 and amino acids. formed
a cocktail. Since these substances cannot be produced by the body after the age of 35, fine lines, sagging, etc., signs of aging begin. It is used on face, neck, décolleté, hands, belly, underarms, inner thighs, under eye bags for the purpose of removing fine lines, lifting, shaping and thickening. The copper peptide and omega 3 in Titian activate fibroblasts and increase the endothelial growth factors in the vessels and are effective by changing the growth factors inside the fibroblasts to beta 1. In this way, the bags under the eyes disappear. It is stated that applications that cause pain to patients by making 60-80 injections with classical methods are facilitated by the ‘MIIT Renaissance’ method. At the same time, with these methods, apart from male pattern hair loss, hair treatments for both men and women are performed successfully. Another product, ‘Michelangelo’, is given to the areas deemed necessary from the outside, to remove cellulite and fat deposits that cannot be eliminated by exercise and diet. The name of this technique is defined as MIIT ‘Micro Intradermal Injection Technic’ (Renaissance), which differentiates itself with the ease of application, the shortness of the protocol, and the long effect it provides. It is emphasized that this method takes only 10 minutes, can be done even during lunch, cannot be understood by other people, and does not leave any traces immediately after the treatment.