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Sweating botox

It is a condition characterized by the body secreting excessive sweat secretion, which makes the person uncomfortable. Solution can be found with Botox application and surgical treatment

What are the Causes?


It is seen together with some diseases (such as diabetes, thyroid disease, infections, rarely adrenal gland tumors).

It can also be seen in physiological conditions (obesity, excessive movement, overdressing, hot weather, menopause).

Drug use (some psychiatric drugs).


Which Areas Are Most Affected?

Although the whole body is affected, the areas of excessive sweating that most affect the daily life of the person are the hands, armpits and feet.

What is done in the treatment?

If there is a disease that increases sweating, it is first examined and treated. If it is not due to a disease, step treatment is applied in armpit, hand and foot sweating, ie;



With the appropriate amount of Botox applied to areas with sweating complaints, the patient can comfortably get rid of excessive sweat and sweat odor.