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Sun protection methods

Our most important method to protect ourselves from the sun is the golden rule not to be outside during the hours when the sun is intense and the ultraviolet index is high. In addition, if we must be outside these days, it is necessary to apply sunscreen cream with at least 50 SPF protection factor to all our exposed areas.

These areas include our face, eyelids, ears, hands and feet. Since no sunscreen can provide 100% protection, additional protective measures such as hats, umbrellas and long-sleeved clothing are required. Especially people with fair skin and a family history of skin cancer should strictly follow these rules.

Side Effect of Sunscreens

The most important risk of side effects for sunscreens is that they can cause allergic reactions and vitamin D deficiency. In addition, the most important unproven risk of chemical preservatives is that they may cause cancer, and in this case, it may be necessary to use high-tech physical preservatives that are not considered to be carcinogenic.

It should be known that the windows also pass ultraviolet rays, and sunscreen should be used even during car journeys or sitting by the window at home. Especially some drugs such as tetracycline can increase sun sensitivity, and people who need to drink these drugs should pay special attention to sun protection. The sun is beneficial for the synthesis of vitamin D and can cause allergic skin diseases such as skin cancer and sun-related lupus.