spring suggestions

The spring months that we have been eagerly waiting for have finally arrived. So, what should we pay attention to during this period?

First of all, I recommend you to protect your skin from the spring sun. You should apply your trusted sunscreen on your face 3 times a day. It is essential to refresh the cream before leaving the house in the morning, at noon and finally in the afternoon. We should also pay attention to our diet and sleep patterns.

In such periods, ‘What can I do to take precautions?’ If you say, preventive care such as Mesotherapy, which has a refreshing, moisturizing and strengthening effect, can be done against the sun effect that your skin will be exposed to. It can also be cleaned and purified with skin care. With laser treatments that can be done in all seasons, the pores are compressed and the color differences in our skin are minimized. Thus, you will not be surprised when you observe that your spots do not increase at the end of summer.

***For a healthy skin, consume plenty of water, protect yourself from the sun, have your skin care done, moisturize and enjoy the spring… Love.