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Spectra peel (carbon peeling)

Dear readers, in this week’s article, I continue my skin renewal process with carbon peeling application. Before I started talking about skin rejuvenation procedures using a medical device, I talked about chemical peeling. Many different chemical peels have been used successfully in cosmetic dermatology for decades. With the increase in laser applications in line with technological developments, interest in chemical peeling applications has decreased in recent years. Although it is not a one-to-one response, it can be said that this application has been replaced by the carbon peeling process.

Carbon peeling (its original name is Spectra peel) is made with laser beams of a special wavelength, which is also used in stains, some benign moles and tattoo removal treatments. Carbon peeling, which is mainly used in medical conditions such as acne, enlarged pores, skin color irregularities and fine superficial wrinkles, peels the top layers of the skin, ensures the production of healthy skin components and reduces color irregularities. Repeated applications are usually needed every two to four weeks.

Before the application, your face is cleaned and the carbon solution is applied to your face. This solution has a structure that will catch the laser beams before they reach the other pigments in the skin. After about 15 minutes, the skin is subjected to a series of scans at different settings with the laser device. In the first pass, the heat effect on the surface is transmitted to the lower layers of the skin by the carbon solution, while the carbon on the skin is evaporated in the second pass, and a very superficial peeling process takes place on the skin with the physical effect. After the carbon is completely removed from the face, laser scanning can be continued in accordance with your medical condition.

Although a peeling process is mentioned, no visible peeling, skin rash or redness occurs on the face; The person who has the application can continue his/her daily life immediately. After the application, a lively, bright and radiant skin is obtained. Since this application, which does not experience any pain, is completed in less than half an hour in total, it is a safe procedure that can be applied even during the lunch break.

I wish you healthy days.