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Solutions for skin wrinkles and spots

While skin wrinkles and spots are mostly due to sun rays, they can sometimes be observed due to radiotherapy and aging. Our most important weapon to prevent its development is using sunscreen.

Chemical peeling

If it develops despite sun protection, the most important weapon we have is the intensive use of fruit acids. chemical peel are transactions. Chemical peeling removes both fine wrinkles and superficial blemishes and provides a baby-like smoothness to the skin. It also stimulates the development of new collagen from the bottom. When this process, which is applied every two weeks after gradually increasing concentrations, is terminated, home-type peeling agents and retinoid-containing peeling creams can be applied in the maintenance treatment. If the stains are deeply located, we have more effective solutions such as cryotherapy and laser.

Botulinum toxin injections if wrinkles do not improve with chemical peeling and fillers containing hyaluronic acid for deep wrinkles that do not improve manually are other weapons we have. Goodbye to discuss botulinum toxin in detail in our next issue, and be sure to hand your skin over to a dermatologist.