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Harmful chemicals in children’s products were one of the agenda topics at the world dermatology congress held in Milan, Italy on 10-15 June 2019. I would like to talk about the ‘Slime’ item, which is often found and sold in stationery and toy shops this week, and released for our children. If you want, you can easily reach Slime items from stationery stores so that they can be made even at home.

Sodium Borota, which is the main ingredient of slime dough, can cause allergies, skin rashes and skin problems, especially in children. Excessive exposure to this Boron substance can cause skin burns, eczema, vomiting and even reproductive side effects. For this reason, we, as parents, need to be more attentive and careful when buying toys for our children. When you encounter skin rashes in your child, take the advice of your specialist dermatologist and review the toys at home.