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Slim down with the cold lipolysis method

Unwanted regional fat is one of the biggest problems of men and women today. Unfortunately, as the number of sitting and desk jobs has increased compared to the past, many technologies have begun to be offered to solve this problem. The best technology in this regard is the ‘Cold Lipolysis Method’. This method is more advanced and different from previous methods. It is a body shaping method (treatment) based on the principle of destroying the fat in the areas with unwanted fat accumulation in the body, to a certain extent, by cooling and vacuuming without damaging the other tissues around, melting their damage and absorbing them by macrophages, which are the body’s scavenger cells. The method is quite easy; The device has a special head. The treatment is started by placing this special cap on the area where fat is desired to be melted. The headgear is cooled by vacuuming the area it is placed on, and the patient rests while the treatment is continued for 1 hour without feeling any pain. After 1 hour, the device stops the process and the patient immediately returns to his normal life. The area to be treated is applied only once, if necessary, 1 more time after 2 to 4 months. Results start mild immediately 14 days after application, with the best results after 2 to 4 months. With the current titles, very successful results are obtained in the upper and lower abdominal regions, hips, waist side fat, back regions and inner legs. In fact, it is possible to achieve 2-4 centimeters of thinning with this method, which is applied to both women and men in body shaping and regional thinning. With the titles that will be developed very soon, other areas with fat accumulation (under-eye fat bags, cheeks, jowl, upper arms, knee areas) will also be applied. During one hour of vacuum applied, the subcutaneous fat layer is cooled with perfect control without damaging the skin. The applied cooling causes the fat cells to enter the apoptosis process. Apoptosis; Shrinkage of fat cell functions means irreversible loss. Dead fat cells are removed from the body with the body’s natural inflammatory system, and a significant amount of thinning occurs in the fat layer over time. Cryobulinemia (the presence of proteins known as cryoglobulin in the blood and precipitated below 37 degrees in the body under laboratory conditions), paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria (bruises appearing in cold), Raynaud’s syndrome (blood vessels contract or narrow due to cold, current is greatly reduced) cannot be applied in diseases such as When applied to people who do not have the aforementioned diseases, no significant side effects were observed.