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Skin spots and tattoo removal treatment

Developing in parallel with technological developments, laser devices continue to promise miraculous results in the field of aesthetics. In laser devices, the light is molded into the desired shape and used for the desired effect. Unlike Q-switched Nd YAG (Quality Switched) laser devices, one of the latest developments in laser technology, in classical tattoo removal treatments with spectra, thanks to its special mode, which is not found in many other q-switched lasers, it can also perform applications in microseconds. The special carbon solution applied with this mode provides a microlaser peeling effect.
It is possible to treat large areas in a short time thanks to the robot arm device that can be adjusted from the application head and grows up to 8 millimeters in diameter, and thanks to the speed of up to 10 hertz in large areas. Apart from the mode used in carbon peeling, different colors of tattoo removal and skin stain treatments can be performed at the same speed and comfort with light of wavelengths under four different headings.
The first step in carbon peeling is to cover the skin surface with carbon cream. The carbon cream ensures that the required energy is concentrated in the superficial skin at maximum height. This carbon cream, which is specially prepared according to the feature of the laser, helps to remove the superficial layer by evaporating it together with the carbon with a sudden heating. The effect in this area is a superficial spying procedure, similar to the effect obtained with chemical peeling. In addition, the photo-activation effect of the laser, which provides cell regeneration, also takes place. This contributes to the development of elasticity by triggering the production of collagen in the skin. The application is completed in as little as 15 minutes and does not create a situation that will affect your daily life.
In the special mode, which is used especially in the treatment of acne and large pores, the applied carbon solution is placed well into the pores with microsecond pulses and these points are turned into targets. With the nanosecond pulses made afterwards, these particles are completely detonated and cleaned. Immediately after the application, a noticeable shine is seen on the skin.
Carbon peeling performs a peeling effect that is safe, fast and gives quick results, which can be done in all seasons and on dark skin, without any side effects. It does not cause burns, redness and crusting. Unlike many peeling methods, Carbon Peeling can be applied easily in summer. After a short and comfortable application, there are no problems that require disconnection from daily life. Expected results;
Early results; Smoothness, shine, opening of many spots in a short time, tightening of pores can be observed immediately after the treatment.
Afterwards; Effects such as skin tightening and recovery may be seen due to the continued opening of the spots, the increase in the tightening of the skin, and the increase in collagen production.
Very successful results can be obtained in the provision of oil balance in the skin and in the treatment of acne, with the cures performed regularly in the form of 5 sessions, at 1-2 week intervals on average. In melasma, which is known as spotting due to hormonal effects, good results can be obtained with an average of 10 sessions of application, a little longer. Currently, this application is used as one of the most effective methods in melasma, which has many difficulties in its treatment.